“The degree to which customers recognize a product or service is known as Brand Awareness.”
The significant component of a business’s survival is “Branding”. It is very important to maintain brand awareness among local and foreign customers because it generates profits for your business. In hotel industry, the challenging task is to create a brand name. But with the advent of INTERNET, it is quite easy to make your identity. Thus connecting with internet is significant in creating buzz in the market.
The next step is to make yourself known to public. Brand awareness is the phenomenon that deals with making you familiar to the public. It is a vital element which helps you getting and retaining customers. Now there are many websites where you can publish your name, menus and contact numbers which help you to increase your awareness and thus increase your business.
The brand awareness is the best way in building advertising objectives. Before selling food and services, the customers have to become aware of your restaurant brand name. There are different marketing strategies to give awareness to the customers through different channels like internet, electronic and print media etc.
There are different levels of brand awareness among which highest level is creating awareness at top of mind. It means when people want to go to a hotel, the first name comes in their mind is your restaurant name. When customers want to visit a hotel and your hotel brand name immediately comes in their mind, then they will always give you the first preference and it is a big advantage you can get from your customers. This level can be achieved through applying marketing tools like promotional campaigns, discounts, frequent exposure and reliable delivery of good quality food and services.
The increased level of brand awareness will develop brand equity of your restaurant. Brand equity is basically the value of your restaurant brand, beyond its physical resources. It depends on the maximum number of people that know your restaurant, as we know if more people know your restaurant, you will get a good and strong reputation and ultimately raise profit and value of brand .
To create brand awareness. the good word of mouth is very important. It will help in creating good name of restaurant which plays a vital role in restaurant growth and maintain customer base. Brand equity, reputation and good word of mouth will contribute in attracting customers and maintaining loyal customers.
According to research:
“The overall value of a brand is founded in brand awareness, perception of quality and customers satisfaction (Aaker, 1991). If customers are satisfied, they are willing to buy more and ultimately less conscious about price and create positive word of mouth, therefore brings bottom line profit (Anderson & Mittal, 2000).”
With the advancement, the people are connected to restaurants with mobile apps and social media to get information, convey messages and comments about restaurants. Hence, brand awareness is becoming important for restaurant business. They can generate revenues and strengthen their position in the industry through brand awareness.
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Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 8
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