Customer Feedback

It is our daily routine practice that whenever we dine in a restaurant, we comment on the food, staff etc of the restaurant as soon as we leave the place. But the question is, do we say all that, either good or bad, to the relevant management? The answer is clearly no, or rarely. The reason behind this is that we find it inappropriate or feel shy to go directly to the management & tell them about how we find their restaurant.The management may not bother or encourage this activity but it is highly important & critical for the survival of the restaurant. They might think that their business is going well, but actually the customers aren’t really satisfied with the services. The problem will grow into the death of the business.The problems mentioned can be overcome if that restaurant has made a website, that contains a part for customer’s feedback. In that way, customers could easily comment & let the management know how did they find the environment of the restaurant, its cleanliness, behavior of the staff, pricing, quality of food etc.Such a practice would be beneficial for both the parties. As customers will get their desired environment & the management will get to know its drawbacks. But for that, the foremost step that should be taken is to maintain an effective website, that is easily accessible to the customers.

Bistro Services Researcher
Jan 2016 , Jan 22
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