Ways to improve restaurant's customer services effectively

Great customer service is required for great restaurant business. The question arises, how you will deliver excellent service at your restaurant? Before proceeding to the answer, you must know what is customer service ‘ Customer service is the help/assistance and advice that you provide to your customers’. Customer service is the combination of communication and genuine attention which you give to your customers. When customers enter in your restaurant, they will check the gestures and the attention your staff give to them. If you deal with customers with care and respect, they will come back to your restaurant again and again. Satisfied customers play integral role for your restaurant business model. According to some studies, customer satisfaction has high impact on your business. You get more revenue when you get customers satisfaction. What happens when your customer is not satisfied with your restaurant’s services, some study shows the reason which says customers dissatisfied with the restaurant, when they experience rude customer service and poor quality of food, these reasons are more cited than slow delivery of order. According to studies, the reason why customer likes to visit the same restaurant and don’t like to visit the same restaurant related to customer services. Some restaurants are getting help from some restaurant service providing companies like Bistro services. Bistro services provides restaurant website development services, restaurant menu designing services, restaurant web designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant online marketing services, restaurant consultancy services and many more.
Take a good start
The quality of the food is the most important factor of the restaurant. Customers experience the restaurant from the time he enters the restaurant to the time he leaves the restaurant. Restaurant must keep the customer’s demands at the forefront of every dining experience. Speak to the customers appropriately. Greet the customers well when they enter the restaurant. Always use respectful titles for the customers like ma’am, or sir. Do not interrupt the customer. Listen to the order of the customers intently and pay attention to what they want. Thoroughly review the menu and ask the customer again about their order if you have any ambiguity. Proper etiquette defines the type of the restaurant. You can easily experience the proper etiquette at pizza parlors and dining restaurants. Your restaurant must have some preference to whom should you serve the order first. In some restaurants, they begin serving with the guest of honor if not then women, then men, and then children. Serve the customers quickly and clear the table as soon as they leaves the table. If you have to interrupt, try to talk politely. Serve or pour the drinks from the right. Make a powerful system that you know which order goes to which table, don’t rely on the entrees. Never let the customer feel that you want them to leave. In restaurant’s perspective, server’s tip is not more important than customer’s comfort. Don’t let the customer to ask you for anything try to refill the water jug on time and provide the order to the customers on time.
Don’t let the customers wait for their order
When you serve the customer their order late, no matter how delicious the food is and how much work your chef has done on it, all goes in vain as customer got tired and bored. This may be the negative point of the restaurant. Remember that it is a hard task to win the heart of disappointed customers. Avoid making them disappointed. Always hire enough waiter staff which can easily deal with the customers and they never have to wait too long for the order. If your customer order a meal which takes longer time to cook, let the customer know about it in advance. Try to act smart before the customers.You may have heard the term speed of service. Mostly restaurants have speed of service according to their specific rules. Speed of service is an integral part of customer service no matter the type of restaurant. The goal for your restaurant is to achieve confidence of the customers. Provide the customers which the same quality of food and service everyday and every hour.
Fix the problems quickly
Your day to day dealing and eliminating the customer complains define the customer service of your restaurant. No matter how careful you are, sometimes something goes wrong without intention. No matter how big the problem is, your task is to please the customer. It is important for the restaurant to deal with the problems as soon as possible and eliminate them. Don’t let the customer wait too long to resolve their matter. Try to involve the manager to the problem as soon as possible. Restaurant staff should listen to the problems of the customers intently. Accept your mistake and tell the customers that you are very sorry for that. Stay calm when your customer start complaining about your restaurant. Maintain eye contact with the customers and watch your body language. Make sure that your body language isn’t telling different story than your words. Try to come up with a solution which is acceptable to both, restaurant and the customer. Always empathize and never blame.

Bistro Services Researcher
May 2016 , May 06
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