The general importance of customers loyalty in restaurants

The fast food industry is increasing trend. The demand of fast food industry is growing day by day. With the changing lifestyle of people in USA, more people are transferring towards fast food industry due to their eating habits .With a high advertisement of Fast food industry ,people have a lot of choices of fast food pattern and restaurant. The main purpose of this content is to make restaurant managers aware about the importance of customer’s loyalty towards their restaurant among other restaurants and how it can help their restaurants to become more profitable . Additionally, it is also important to note that what should restaurant managers do make their customers more loyal towards them, as it will also help them to make their restaurant more valuable and will also help them in getting a competitive is a great consultant for making restaurants more aware about how to create loyalty among customers for their restaurants.Different customers prefer different things in restaurants like food quality, service quality, environment, price etc so every restaurant managers must try everything possible to achieve the customer’s loyalty.
Do not lose loyal customers at any cost
Customer’s loyalty has turn into the key tactical objective for many service business, as well as restaurant businesses. Restaurant owners and managers must recognize that loyal customers are very much valuable and provide them a big deal and profits to them more than just informal customers-even if those occasionally customers. So it must be kept in mind that not to lose the loyal customers, because they will help in gaining long term profits.
Loyal customers are great referral customers
A loyal customer is a customer who repurchases from the same service provider whenever possible, who continues to recommend and who maintains a positive attitude towards the service provider (Bloemer et al. 1999, ).A loyal customer will even refer to other people like their friends and family to purchase from your restaurant over another restaurant.
Competitive edge can be attained through loyal customers
Current years have exposed an increasing importance in customer loyalty. The globalization of competition , and advancement of information technology have improved customer attentiveness and formed a position where continuing achievement is no longer realized through optimized product price and qualities. Instead, companies construct their achievement on a long-term basis. Loyal Customers provide predictability, safety and wealth in the business. Increased loyalty can significantly increase earnings in the service industry restaurants (Reichheld 1996,).competitive edge is one of the biggest advantage that can be attained through loyal customers. So making loyal customers happy through different gestures should be done to retain them like giving discounts and membership cards and be responsive to their complaints and queries to them even if you are right and they are wrong.
Organization that have achieved customer loyalty have a big competitive advantages . Today with the markets receiving extra competitive advantage and the good working environment experience constant positive change, that’s why marketers need to identify those factors which influence customer loyalty.
Customer loyalty is more important than customer satisfaction
Customer loyalty is one of the main factors for retention of customer. Organization should focus on the customer loyalty rather than customer satisfaction. customer satisfaction is one of the factor through which customer can move towards other industry but when customer becomes loyal then they make commitment with industry to buy product again and again in future .Loyal customers are the completive advantage of the firm.

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March 2016 , March 16
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