Leadership importance in restaurant

If you want your organization to be successful, you should have effective leadership skills in you. And if you are the owner of a restaurant, you must have to handle many different tasks at the same time, you have to learn how to manage customers, employees, supplies, corporate and equity partners, accounts, finance ,total quality management, Staff engagement ,training and production efficiency, operations/functioning area of your organization and the list goes on because if you are a leade,r you should know that the success of your organization depends on you.
Many people use the term leader and manager interchangeably but these are quite different .A leader is the one who leads people, do the right things, thinks what is needed to be done, influence people and creates visions for change, focuses on people.Whereas a manager is one who manage things and makes things right.He basically controls people and focuses on systems.
It is important to understand different leadership styles so that you can learn and develop in your own self and implement them in your restaurant. A leader should have skills and abilities that how he can influence his followers because if you are working in a restaurant, your team will look to you more than just managing the process, they will expect from you to show them the right way because you are their role model ,they will expect from you to give them advices, help them and learn them grow from their mistakes, value human capital and mainly they will look to you to work as a team and it is good for you as well because it will create a trusting climate because in the restaurant leadership, communication plays an effective part of effective leader.
As a leader, you value your brand in the restaurant industry as your ability to manage various tasks can contribute to excellence in service and profitability of the venue. These task are not limited to cost of food , labor and table turnover. An effective manager knows that their work is to manage process things and to lead the people in their charge and to manage, monitor and improve. But if the leader is ineffective, the restaurant may not be able to function properly and would bear a loss but if a leader can timely manage all the things and value the time management, he can prosper business.
Leading the people in the restaurant should be applied at all levels of the organization. There are different types of leadership styles, like a leader with command who formulate ideas on their own and dictate it to their employees. Collaborative leader comes up with ideas with the assistance of employees from all levels of the organization.Facilitative leader delegate almost all productive tasks to subordinate and focus on providing everything that their employees needs. But you can choose that which one do you want to be and also you can choose every leadership style & apply on different situation.
When employees are newly recruited on the job ,they lack knowledge ,skills and confidence.Leader tell people exactly what to do and how to do and what is needed to be done and the gap between the expected behavior and the applied behavior. Leaders provide information and direction but they believe that effective communication with followers, as they believe more on building relationship and less on direction because follower get motivated by this behavior of leaders and they start to trust leader and a great working environment is created. Not only this, the effective leader works with team and share decision-making responsibilities and pass most of the responsibility to the followers and check timely progress as a result followers develop strong working skills and confidence and are more committed to task.
A good leader always initiates changes and use the new technologies timely because they know that they are responsible for the success of the business.They delegate task to subordinates and see how resourceful their employees are and contribute their human capital giving recognition to their employees work.
Leadership attributes are becoming increasingly desired.You have to master some degrees like masters in business administration to learn how you can improve yourself. A leader who wants to be successful must be courageous, he should have master in their subject matter ,confidence in their abilities, understanding of the functional role within the venue. He should always maintain self control ,there will be many stressful moments but have to remember that you are a role model and your actions will show who you are ,so without self-control you cannot hope to lead your staff effectively.
You must have to be consistently fair and just, because all employees except to be treated fairly and to measure them and reward them on fair basis. Good restaurants must have an operational and policy handbook for personnel. It will provide all the guidance about managing the staff and the acceptable and unacceptable behavior, don't favor relationship or favoritism policy in any business as this will lead a bad name to your business.
Make effective decision ,you are leader you should initiate change ,take risks .It is not really necessary that all your decisions are correct, but when you make a decision, stick with it.In fact don't make the right decision, instead take the decision and make it right.You will be respected for your strength of character in taking the decision without hesitation.
You should know that you are the leader and should know better than anyone else about the steps of planning ,implementing, measuring and analyzing. So when you plan about something you should look and research carefully about from where you will be getting the resources and how to implement on the steps and timely measure the performance and quality of work and staff and analyze errors and remove them if needed and start again if needed.
You are working in a service sector, teach your employees the quality control methods, operations management and timely checking the total quality management methods because these helps a lot in the functioning areas saving cost and errors and delivering the quality. A leader should always lead by example and provide necessary training to the staff on time and must assist them timely. He continuously motivate them in different stages and promote the good staff to next level so that other employees may also become motivated and understand that learning and working hard is beneficial for them.
A rude behavior in any circumstance without any reason is not acceptable it will only create disrespect.A positive attitude always contribute towards the success and must be demanded.Must have empathy for your staff, because how your personnel performs has a lot to do with the success of your restaurant. A leader must understand their people and should be ready to come and rescue them in the restaurant if required.
Attention to the little details also matters a lot in the success of any organization, see your restaurant from the eyes of the guest and always think about improving the customer experience.You must have the quality of accountability and assume full responsibility for the mistakes because a good leader always try to improve mistakes & not blame others. A good leader is in his service to the people because he understands the principle of cooperation and applies this constantly because he creates this as an example for the followers.
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Feb 2016 , Feb 12
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