How to improve the service of restaurant

If you are running a service sector like restaurant, you should probably know better than anyone else that restaurant is not just based on food, service does matter and in the place like restaurants it matters a lot because employees have to directly communicate with the customers and it's been observed that for customers, service also plays a big role for turning back to that restaurant again. So a great restaurant should be built on two major principles: great food and service as they both complement each other. But here is the thing many people start the restaurant with the purpose of selling the food but they forgot that with great food, they also have to provide a great service as well.
People are not paying you just for food, they are paying you for the service as well. It is difficult to create an atmosphere of trust. Many things are included in services like the attitude and behavior of your front line employees as well as the manager and owner, the time of delivering food, manners ,courtesy, promptness, proper table, plates and much more than that. Providing proper service can even overshadow the ordinary food.
There are many kinds of services in different kinds of restaurants which makes the restaurant successful. Like some restaurants always try to do something new for their customers. Lets for say, if their delivery order takes time, they will try to entertain their customers by coming up to their tables and sing a song or play a musical instrument of their choice, they are not only friendly but also entertaining while some restaurants provide extreme services to their customers where one waiter is dedicated to one table, customers feel so valued over this that they want to keep returning to that restaurant. This is done in the high end restaurants and well yeah the cost of the meal compensate for this extra stuff. So these were few example of high end restaurants that are considered great in their services. Where if the food is not so good people will still return to the restaurant for enjoying the great service even if the food is not good.
It's all about employees
Now coming to point how to improve the service of the restaurant, start your priority by hiring the people who have the heart for hospitality then check other things. Yeah the experience matters but not if the person is so cruel with his/her language. So when checking out the resume, find the people who have worked in the same organization as yours and they have a great heart and are compassionate who are willing to provide service with the generous and kind heart. Basic job requirement can be taught but what's inside the heart of a people that is more important .Always try to choose the soft spoken and a patient person who will be willing to handle the anger and attitude of the customer and serve them with all their heart because what's inside a person's heart can't be changed through any script.
Training does matters in all types of organization whether the service or the production sector even if the person have experience before he will be going to need it anyways. So service training guidelines or employee handbook should be provided which includes service guidelines. This is an essential part of teaching the employees about their roles, that what are expected from them and how their services will help the restaurant to achieve its goal. Because if they are unclear about their role and you don't have the time to write for them about their goals they will be left assuming about their past experience and will work according to their past job experience .But if they know about their job, they will run extra miles to achieve what they want as they will feel safe thinking that they have a back of their managers ,so it is better to teach them properly before because a good service is a compensation for a bad recipe.
It is better that you should inspire and lead your staff every day. It is not wise to write a memo about service and post it on the wall because these are not enough to motivate employees for delivering great service because great service is grown and hospitality requires daily attention and coaching so if you want to work to improve in a particular area of service, expect slow and steady change to occur even after you think that area of service has improved it will require revisiting and nurturing because if you stop once, that problem will return again so it is better to coach properly and daily so that every employee is clear about their daily goals and how they can contribute to the organization .
When your employees start to perform according to your expectations, you should reward them with some kind of incentives, don't rely on tip money for them if they have earned you more customers through their great services, it is your job to treat them important. Be creative in this matter, a simple thank you would suffice for them but you should give them gift certificate to the employees who have racked up a significant number of unsolicited compliments from guests. It will increase their morale and also will be helpful for motivating other employees.
Organizations that builds trust and respect with their employees have the rare opportunity to create extraordinary experience for guests and to build customers for life.
Provide proper supplies
If you are running a restaurant, you must be very careful about the basic supplies that the company needs like plates, food supplies, crockery, tables, glassware as these things are very sensitive to the restaurant image so it is better to use a proactive approach by making sure you have everything you need because a little investment on supplies before will save you in a long run but if you continue to fall short of these things you will suffer from decreased sales ,sloppy performance ,increased risk of health department violation and you have to make excuses to the customers and have to constantly lie to them which will lead to decrease or minimize the future potential customers which you would have got and not only this staff would also lose faith in the restaurant. But if you provide them everything they need to serve customers, it will make a lot of difference.
Get inspiration
You can also do a practical research of a great service by visiting different restaurants and observing them from a small cafe to the large restaurants that how they provide services and why some restaurants are considered great in servicing and if you get inspired from any restaurant in servicing you can duplicate it by making notes of different restaurant and applying them to your restaurant by teaching your staff.
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March 2016 , March 2
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