Common restaurant interior design mistakes which should be avoided

If you have a restaurant which is providing excellent quality food and service to its customers what you could possibly provide to your customers.The great interior design and facilities also affects the customers If they have ever stopped coming into your restaurant and prefer for home delivery in spite of the fact that you provide them excellent food and service then it's time to think about your interior design and facilities because it's your responsibility to add elements to your restaurant for making it more luxurious and comfortable.
Here are some of the common restaurant interior designing mistakes which makes their luxurious restaurant from elegant to unpleasant.
Uncomfortable seating
Well there are many seating options that are available in the well decorated restaurants but some restaurants don't think about it much and forget to invest on the most essential part of the restaurant which is sitting arrangement. Depending on the theme of your restaurant,sitting arrangement can be decided, that has a vat choice.
Floor arrangement
Your restaurant floor matters a lot in the restaurant. Now it depends on the owner that what kind of marbles he is putting on the floor or what kind of carpets they are choosing.It is best for restaurants not to put any carpet on the floor as they diminish the luxury factor in your restaurant. Even if you choosing to put a carpet on your floor, then choose to pick a carpet that is quiet and mute and going along with the rest of you business motif.Train your staff to clean the carpet twice a day otherwise choose to put tiles or marbles on your floor.
Inadequate lightning, music and atmosphere
Too much or too less lightening can scare a customer.It should be soft enough that your customer can easily read menu and other reading materials and should complete your atmosphere and it should not be too harsh. Try to make sure that the lamp fixture is attractive and clean and is properly fixed. Soft, ambient lighting throughout your restaurant will add elegance to your restaurant.
Same like this, the noise in the restaurants should not be so loud that customers can't hear the voice of their next partners and have to talk in the loud voices as they are shouting.
The atmosphere should be clean, of course its sweltering in the kitchen and your wait staff is generating a lot of heat bustling around the table. But people never like to keep their coat on for dinner. Living room temperature is best for a restaurant seating section.
Proper Decor and plants
The design and decor of your restaurant should match the scene of your restaurant .By keeping your decor minimum, will add sophistication to your restaurant because by adding too much decor in your restaurant's wall will make your restaurant to look like a thrift shop. So limit what you hang on the walls and place on the shelves. And if you have put artificial or real plant in your restaurant, make sure to clean them on a regular basis because the last thing your customer would want to look up and see is a fake tree with dust looming over them.
These are the common mistakes that are done by restaurant's management so it is advised not to decorate your restaurant all by yourself but consult some professional interior designer.

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Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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