Customer Loyalty Towards Restaurant

The hotel industry is one of the major sectors of any economy. It is becoming popular globally and gaining too much attention. The hospitality industry is now the most profitable industry in the business world. As there are lots of restaurants and food chains which are serving customers with variety of food and drinks,the competition among restaurants is very high.It is more challenging when we talk about services because the services are to be marketed very precisely.
It is the period of globalization and electronic print media and internet is highly advanced due to which the world is becoming a global village. Therefore the lifestyle, habits, fashion, taste and preferences are also becoming similar all over the world.There are lot of multinational food chains serving around the world. The main focus of these restaurants is to make customers happy and satisfied.
Heather Williams has said:
“Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you.”
Customers are the key element of every business because if you have no customer it means you have zero business, same is in case of restaurants. Now a days people seek to have a healthy food and a fresh atmosphere in a restaurant at low price. Moreover ,there is intense competition and lot of restaurants are open in every town.. Ever hotel is struggling to attract, increase and retain their customers. The perception and feedback of customers play vital role in a restaurant success. When customers come to a restaurant and have a good response with quality food and best atmosphere, they will have a very good experience and become happy. If a customer is delighted to visit your restaurant, he will besatisfied and the chances of revisit increases. Customer loyalty for restaurant can be defined as
“An indefinite number of repeat visits to the same restaurant over a particular period of time”
It is very crucial for restaurants to create loyal customers.If customer loyalty is increased it will also increase profitability. Moreover it is far more difficult to capture new customers than to retain the old ones.
There are different factors that increase customer loyalty:
- Neat and clean atmosphere
- Quality Of food
- Service quality
- Customer Satisfaction
- Image of restaurant
- Brand name
- Low price
- Good Word of mouth
- Differentiated products
- Responsiveness of staff etc.
A restaurant with fresh and calm atmosphere will please the people who enter the restaurant. The first impression is the last impression, so a neat and clean environment will have attract people to come and sit and have some food. The next most important thing is quality of food , if you have a beautiful interior but the quality or taste of your meal is not up to the mark, it will create a negative perception in customer’s mind and they will not be willing to come again.
If the hotel employees are welcoming and responsive the customer feels comfortable. The smiley and friendly staff is the vital asset of a restaurant. The quality of services they provide matters a lot to make customers satisfied. If you have a great brand name it will help you a lot because you don’t need to do lot of struggle. People are aware of your name and they obviously feel good when the go to a famous place or a multinational huge brand like McDonald's or Marriott Int. They have a well established name and market due to which they are successful. Moreover bring some differentiation in the food products; it will attract people to come to your place. Try something new and different.
It is very challenging to meet the expectations of the customers. Once you have attract people towards your restaurant, then the only thing is to retain them. You can only retain those customers which are happy and satisfied from your restaurant’s food and services.
Michael LeBoeuf had said:
‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.’
The customer happiness and customer satisfaction is very important to retain customers. When you retain your customers, you can easily achieve customer loyalty.
Jeffrey Gitomer had said:
“You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.”

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 2
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