Social media impact on culture of a Restaurant

Social media is a platform which enables its users to share their ideas, interest, likes, content, opinion, views and allows people to interact, collaborate and build community. In the past years it was a source of medium for people to communicate with their loved ones who lives far away from them but with the passage of time social media has become the trend among the business to promote their product or services. It provides vast opportunities especially in promoting ,you just need to know the right techniques regarding how to use it in the right way.
If you own a restaurant, social media can provide you vast opportunities to invite customers in your restaurant .It works as a mediator between a customer and the business giving the opportunity to advertise, invite ,maintain and retain customers in a best possible way.
First you need to create awareness about your food among peoples and adding social media in your marketing mix can increase awareness about your restaurant. You will get to know that how much customers are engaged and satisfied of your restaurant and for that create a page on any social media website.
Facebook and Instagram are the right platform to start with, create a page on them and think strategically how you can use it well. Upload a cover picture of the best food or dish of your hotel but not just a random click. A great image can sell a thousand meals. Visual effect plays a big role in making or breaking your promotion. Image have to look enticing and eye catching. Hire a professional photographer to do the right job for you and change the cover image from time to time whenever you have new menus or something special to offer and let the facebok users know about yourself that what you can offer to them and let them be your customers.You have to use a lot of photos in your almost every online post because you are in a food business.
Your Facebook page must be the verified one because it makes a great impression on the potential customers as people would know where to look when they type your name in the search tab on the facebook and you would also get to know how many people are subscribing you, following you and have liked your page .You can also make albums and facebook tab pages and to make it more interesting ,make many tabs in order like the first tab representing the photos of food ,second representing deals and menus ,special discounts, facebook map for locating place ,happy hours, like that and the one for the career in which pictures of your employees must be uploaded in a great manner showing appreciation of your staff and you are an established service firm that values firm and has a great customer service staff.
You can also set up different contest like photo contest or any other contest on instagram and facebook, write a post on your fan page that you are going to organize an online upcoming contest and want pictures of them for the upcoming contest to upload on their fan page and the picture should be in their hotel with meals in their hand ,and the pictures with the most likes and comments will win a bumper Prize. This will caught their attention and you will get many customers more than average during that contest period.
Not only this you can also arrange other contest like the person who will share your page with others more will get a chance to win a prize money this will create excitement in them and they will start sharing your page which means social promotion more people will get to know about you. You can also post group offer exclusive deals or discounted deals and ask them to share it with their friends and also to "like" your page and to become a fan of your page too and get a free coupon on that.
Facebook ,twitter helps a lot in promoting any page and lets you target your customers specifically through geographical location, like people who have liked specific pages can see that add.Not only this, one good option is tagging location by letting people know where you are ,this could be a great way to promote your restaurant because it is not limited geographically and it also helps in letting people know about the new places that they haven't visited yet. When someone is at your restaurant they can tag your page and this feature can ultimately help customers to know about your place.
Videos plays an important part in marketing your food and for this very reason,youtube, facebook , Instagram can be of great help. You get a chance to show how your food is made, or an interview with the happy customers and their positive feedback, customer surveys through a video could be a great idea.
Nowadays hashtag is trending very much because it tells you the latest trend. To create an awareness among people about your food and you restaurant, use a hash tag along with your restaurant name. Hashtags are quite common techniques on facebook ,twitter and Instagram for any post or picture to go viral. Just put a delicious picture on instagram along with the hashtag and see if it is trending.
You must have to interact with your customers on a regular basis on social media sites. Regularly update your profile on social networking sites.Let's, for say if you have arranged any theme with the upcoming valentine's day, inform them at least two weeks before that what special you are going to offer at this very occasion.
If some customers are unhappy with you and are complaining, you must have to reply them and let them calm down. Hire or appoint managers or assistant who can do your work on a regular basis by updating profiles ,posts, pictures, menus and make quick response to them by replying them fast about their feedback, complaints or queries .This also creates a great impression on other customers that how good you treat them .
Ask them directly through posting questions about what they want or like most about your restaurant and what they don't like about it .Because social media has a great impact on today's young generation and they love food and want novelty in food.Offer them custom made deals and they would be happy to visit your restaurant.

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Feb 2016 , Feb 12
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