Mistakes to avoid when designing restaurant's menu

Restaurant's menu is the vital marketing tool for any restaurant because they advertise what the restaurant has to offer and is the first thing that customer notices about the restaurant. Even if a customer has not visited your restaurant and someone has handed over the menu to him, it will create some kind of excitement to visit your restaurant if the menu is nice and well presented. It is said that "first impression is the last impression". So when you are about to start a restaurant, you should also spend some money on designing a well defined menu, its design, layout, color palette, type selection ,treatment and even paper selection because menu creates certain level of expectations in guests about your food, beverage etc.
But sadly, not every restaurant is aware of this delegate thing and do a lot of mistakes when designing a menu and don't do enough research in this particular area due to which they fail to invite more customers.Common mistakes which should be avoided when designing a restaurant menu includes:
Don't add too many or fewer dishes
When you are designing your restaurant's menu, don't add too many items of food in list as it overwhelm and confuse the customers because they become unable to decide which food to eat at one time. And don't list the items which are not regularly available as it will disappoint them that you advertise items which are not available.
Likewise, don't add fewer number of dishes in the menu as it bores the customer as when they come back again, there will be nothing new in the dishes except for the fewer items and your restaurant will be unable to attract a sufficiently large customer base.
Not taking full advantage of the menu
Graphics plays an important role in the menu designing process but many restaurants fail to realize its importance.It is better that when you are designing your menu, based on your restaurant, you should know that it will show your restaurant brand and its image, so get advantage of putting pictures,using your restaurant logo,providing phone number and address at the front page will be very much helpful for customers.To know the necessary information if there is any regarding memberships and discounts and if you are updating your menu, then update it on the website as well and use the some font which you have used in all the menu.
Don't forget to update
Update your menu regularly because everything changes with time so your menu should also be. If your manager has changed overtime but your menu hasn't then it's definitely a shame because price fluctuate overtime to ensure that you are not losing your margin overtime even if your dish hasn't changed over time.At least twice a year menu prices should be evaluated. In fact a line extension should be considered for the most popular dishes. Moreover it is better to avoid handwritten changes on the menu, as it gives a bad impression of the restaurant.
Size matters
The font size of your menu shouldn't be too small that it becomes unable to read what has been written, even if you have many dishes you should use little more pages rather than trying to adjust all menus in one page.Carefully decide the size of your menu, it shouldn't be too large that customers feel awkward when they hold it nor too small that it becomes unable to read.
Adjustment of prices
It should be taken into account that pricing the items should not be done in the ascending order because customers will order based on price not on the food preference. Same goes with the placement of food,because many restaurants don't give much importance to the food placement.
When making menu item list it is much better to add a couple of spaces after a menu item then the prices .Restaurants that write the menu items on the left and prices on the far right, connecting them with the dots reveal a lack of sophistication. This type of layout also encourages guests to look down the right hand side of the menu and select their food based on price.
Don't forgot to mention the specialty item
One more common mistake that is often made in restaurant menu is that they forgot to add the specialty item in their menu. Not adding a specialty item of your restaurant is not good for the business,as it makes it less competitive because if you are offering the same things in the restaurant which your competitor is offering than the customers will go for price rather than for food item.So always mention the specialty item of your restaurant making your restaurant more special through its menu.
Menu should be designed by professionals
Menu descriptions should be well researched and should be written by a professional copywriter with the assistance of the chef rather than by the chef itself.As the menu is the most important piece of marketing collateral that you have, because every single person who comes to your restaurant uses it.The way menu items are worded can have a completely different appeal and send a different is also providing the restaurant menu making consultancy.So if you want help in designing menu, you should visit this site.

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Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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