Recipe Documentation, Nutrition Analysis & Menu Calorie Labelling

There are many ways to cook a single dish but which is the best one?
This is a big problem for a restaurant but it has lots of solutions. You can make your recipe books, catalogues, recipe card etc. A written recipe helps out chef because the chances of blunder and inaccuracy declines.
Recipe documentation is the activity of writing a standard recipe of particular dish of your restaurant. It provides assistance to hotel staff as well as customers. A well documented recipe with accurate measurements of ingredients will produce almost same dish every time. The chances of error will be minimum. Moreover the food quality always remains same due to which customers become satisfied as they always get the same thing that they have already experienced. The cost can also be minimized through it as it will facilitate you to control wastage. The raw material inventory like vegetables, sauces, spices etc are easy to maintain and kept. If your restaurant chefs have well printed recipes, their performance will be first-class and the will be more satisfied.
Recipe documentation has following advantages:
- Uniformity in menu items
- Consistent quality of food
- Accurate measurements
- Known nutritional value
- Cost effective
- Controlled inventory
- Employee satisfaction
- Controlled supplies
- Minimize labour cost
- Customer happiness
- Customer satisfaction
- Customer retention
A documented recipe should have following things
- Title of the recipe
- Category of the dish
- Ingredients
- Substitute ingredients
- Accurate measurements of the ingredients
- Directions and guidelines to prepare
- Time to cook
- Serving volume
- Yield of a recipe
- Utensils and gadgets to be used
- Nutritional contents etc.
Therefore recipe documentation is very important for all the restaurants.
Menu labelling is the practice of listing nutritional facts on menu and menu boards. It is a health education instrument because it helps customers to know the nutritional value of the meal. It will assist consumers to get healthier food and to keep health better. Some restaurants have analyzed their recipes while other do not do this. Some restaurants have exercise menu labelling rules.
Arnold Ehret had said: “Life is a tragedy of nutrition”
When a restaurant has its all nutrition information recorded and labelled for each menu item, it will be more helpful for you. Now some countries have specific rules and laws for menu labelling and the restaurants have to follow them. If you have a good labelled menu, and your hotel is following the rules of labelling, then there will be no worry. Although you have well documented recipe, they might not have all the required information about the nutritional value of the food.The nutritional analysis requires the calculation of calories, nutritional components, ingredients and their weights etc. We may not declare that menu labelling can change the customer behaviours, however, it may change their preferences.
Ann Wigmore has said
“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

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Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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