Restaurant Online Reputation Management is basically a very significant component that builds the image of your place. It is very important to know what your guests say about your restaurant after their visit. Or what type of experience they would like to share with public.
You should know which mediums they use to share their experience with others. If they have good experience, then they will give good comments and positive reviews. In this way they can be more than a guest. You may make your guest brand ambassadors for your restaurant. But it needs lot of efforts to make your customers happy and satisfied.
In addition, you have to be active on all the social media sites. Most of the restaurants have made their social media pages like bitecart, Bistro Services, Yelp, twitter and Facebook. In this way they stay connected to people and proactively work for their reputation.
Online Reputation Management:
“The method of observing, monitoring and engaging on the social media to make awareness, customer satisfaction and profits to your business.”
There are number of social media channels through which online reputation of restaurants can be managed. In the monarchy of restaurant reviews, a small recognition goes a long way that means restaurant managers and restaurateur have to invest time to answer to negative and positive reviews. Another important thing is make your customer realize that their feedback and comments have great value for the hotel.
The restaurant managers have to focus dedicatedly on the reviews and handle all of them proactively. You have to respond in a timely & in a good manner and a courteous tone to the client reviews. If you receive negative comments on websites or any social media, it will damage the hotel’s reputation. So you have to design such kind of responses that may satisfy the customers. While your gut reply as a restaurateur may be to eliminate the pessimistic reviews on website, this often has unintentional repercussion and makes it visible as you have somewhat hiding.
To handle a negative comment, here are some steps:
Courteously admit the criticism.
Emphasize on the constructive views that are within the comment.
Try to make it known that this is not a regular practice at your restaurant.
Make a confession and deal with genuine criticism.
Convey your plan of action.
Get the chat offline to restaurant email address or contact number.
With the advent of internet, there are different social mediums that are designed to get people on a single platform. These medium have given wonderful exposure to businesses. Now it has become easy to communicate with the customers, to get feedback and generate a good reputation of your business. Now you don’t need marketing to do by yourself, if your customers are happy and satisfied, they can do marketing for you.
There are some of the activities that you can do on social media channels:
• Blogs, consultation and forums - bitecart, Bistro Services.
• Reviews and Comments - Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor
• Social Networking and Advertising - Twitter and Facebook
• Videos, Events coverage and Recipe Clips - Metacafe, YouTube, Yahoo Video
•Photo- Instagram,Flickr,Photobucket
Tools for Managing Your Reputation
The good news is that there are a number of tools that make it easy to monitor your online presence. There are free means that gives feedback on search activities and refer to the web. There are such channels that give reviews from blogging and social media platforms on your restaurant name as well.
Steps for Maintaining Your Positive Reputation
When your restaurant earns good online reputation, it means that you are able to do online advertising. A well reputed restaurant becomes successful to get positive comments, reviews, referrals, loyal customer and attract more people.
There are some steps that will help you to maintain good reputation:
Work proactively: You may use the above mentioned social media forums to get reviews and monitor your restaurant activities.
You have to be active on the online channels and share encouraging information of your restaurant.
Request for reviews from the satisfied and happy customers and provide them a medium to do so (perhaps on your website, or also encourage them to review you on.
Organize an online investigation for your business on search engines like Google and Bing periodically so that you can make sure that you are well informed.
Bistro Services is providing the services of online reputation management for restaurants. You can consult any issue related to your restaurant reputation with us. It is just a click away. Feel free to contact with Bistro Services consultant.

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April 2016 , April 13
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