Outlook and Design of A Restaurant

The design and outlook of a restaurant has a significant role in creating, maintaining and retaining customers. If a restaurant has a calm and comfortable design, it will not only make customers happy but also provide ease for cooking food and other hotel tasks. To attract more and more customers, you have to focus on the atmosphere, outlook and design of the restaurant.
The restaurant owners give lot of attention towards the architect and design of the hotel. The hotel design has a great importance as it is the first thing that a customer experience when he come in the restaurant.
People are too busy in working and earning money. They sometime want to take a break or want to socialize with friends, have a yummy lunch or seek place to have a cup of coffee with a friend. The best place for them is to go to a restaurant. When they want to go to a place to eat, the first thing came in their minds is the environment and atmosphere of that place. The customer expect beautiful and calm place to eat lunch or dinner and when they go to a restaurant they just saw the design of restaurant the unconscious expectation and perception create in their minds.As Otl Aicher had said:
Good art inspires; Good design motivates.
There is intense competition in hospitality industry. Customers choose that restaurant which has a highly comfortable design with calm and quiet interior and delicious menu.
To make your restaurant design vibrant and beautiful there are some tips:
Develop a theme to design your restaurant
Parking area
Restaurant name logo and sign on the front wall and entrance
Creative interior decoration
Air and ventilation systems
Maintain temperature
Use comfortable furniture and fixture
Add some cultural things and artworks
Use 3D images
Use pretty and soft table covers, table skirting, mats, tablecloth and napkins
Use colours according to the theme
Add some natural things like a small grassy lawn or a fountain in a corner. It brings freshness in the restaurant.
Use art pieces like sceneries, posters, wall hangings or vases
Comfortable sitting arrangement
Set colours according to weather (light colours should be used if temperature is high in the town)
Leave some space vacant
Don’t mess up the halls
Add neon lights, lamps and candles according to colours of the interior
Try to keep restaurant walls and floor clean
Proper arrangement of tables and chairs
You can add music systems like piano or a guitar in a corner
Clean menu cards
Decorate tables with flowers or lamps
Smooth tracks and corridors etc
You can use these suggestions to make your restaurant design more beautiful and lively. As customers always want a comfortable, calm, peaceful, safe and nice place to eat food. To keep people coming to your restaurant, develop a best design which differentiates your restaurant from your competitors. Bistro Services will help you to bring creativity in your restaurant design through innovative ideas and suggestions. Stay Connected!!!

Bistro Services Researcher
Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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