In modern world, all businesses are challenged. If you want to obtain and retain consumers or clients, it is very important to discover creative promotional strategies. There are a lot of successful promotional ideas in the foodservice industry.
This is the perfect time to imagine what potential clients have on their minds. What do your customers need and what do your customers want? Moreover how you can make profit from the season? The promotional activities can take your restaurant through the year. Try to make long term plans, that will be helpful to you.
A restaurant may be easy to establish but there is a great challenge to maintain and develop its brand name. It is not sufficient for a hotel business owner to introduce the restaurant name to people. A restaurant becomes successful when it makes its place in customers mind, and this happens through excellent marketing and promotional activities.
To maintain your image in customers perception, first you need to know who are your customers?
There are lot of practices which famous restaurants and hotel chains are following to keep record of their customers. They are engaged in keeping all the client information in their databases. After having a database system, you can easily call your customers, greet them on events like birthdays or may inform them about the latest offers etc.In this way you can keep in touch with your customers. It is a direct marketing strategy which will help in promotion.
There are lot of promotional strategies that a restaurant can used. You may introduce coupons and membership cards. This will increase the number of customer visits and will be beneficial for a restaurant.
One of the promotional strategies you can use is the “pairing” of menu items. You can offer a “sink or swim” concession on a blend plate,that consists of customer choice of different kind of dishes. You can offer different paired items on discount. Customers also like “specialty nights.” Moreover you can offer discounts in lunch or midnight meals. Or you may offer discount on an additional person.
People are always looking for discounts and concessions no matter what the season is. But when you use the word “free” it will attract customers and they will give more attention to the offers. For a hotel owner, to locate a way to integrate that word and pursue through with something at no cost is a certain winner. Buy 1 get 1 free offer or a free dessert for any table of 6 or a free children's lunch.
There are some promotional tools for restaurants:
SAMPLES are offer of a testing quantity of a product. Sampling is free for the customers and let them taste your product. The certificates that allow buyers to save when they go to purchase a product of your restaurant is refer to COUPON. It is a mean of rising sales; restaurants depend on coupons to make new customers, increase repeat visits from existing customers and to attract the price conscious segment of the society. The products that are offered at low or zero cost as incentives to buy a good are called PREMIUMS. For example restaurants often give promotional things such as crockery having the name and the logo of the hotel, shirts, caps, toys, napkins etc.
PRICE-OFF strategy deals with the offering of goods and services lower than its normal price during a specific period. The chance to win something such as cash money or a holiday trip in CONTEST AND SWEEPSTAKES. You can call customers to submit their entries for the contest.
To increase the number of potential customer, you may provide the discounts like 10% off or 20% off. This offer may attract the target customers and you can make income through it.
Nowadays restaurants and hotels sponsor different events like sport season. This will help the hotels to get more customers. You can integrate your menu and change it in sport season offer concessions etc. You can associate your meals and dishes names with the sports persons or any sport. Another promotional practice is to organize a theme part like you can make a red theme party or a Santa Claus party.
Introduce birthday programmes like offer free decoration for birthday party. It will help you to make your customers excited and happy. In this way you can make your customer loyal. So make the special days of your customers more special with your promotional activities. You may offer free dinner or lunch for the birthday boy or birthday girl or give a surprise birthday gift from restaurant side.
These are some of the promotional tools that you can use to make your restaurant more attractive for customers. Stay in touch with Bistroservices to have more creative ideas for marketing and promotion of your restaurants!

Bistro Services Researcher
Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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