How to make quality food in restaurants

Have you ever wondered why some restaurant foods are so different and tasty from home food that people prefer to eat from restaurant rather than house? Why your home rice taste so change from the restaurant's ? Well there is a reason behind it and that reason is the one which makes your restaurant's food taste so good. Restaurant’s chef plays an important part in making your restaurant to become successful because chefs have the power to play with food as they have many resources, time to experiment on food so they can do magical things with food and make them taste so good with their incredible recipes that you will crave for them. But what make the restaurant food so tasty depends on many things lets for say the quality ingredients in food of restaurant have a major impact as these ingredients are based on their freshness and their nature and without the use of best and quality ingredients the chef's creation will be of not that much worth which it should be, not only this you can get competitive edge over adding quality to your food.
When you are deciding about the food menu in your restaurant don't hire too many cooks in your restaurants because different cooks have different ideas and they will have conflicting interests.There must be an agreement between all the cooks about their recipe and ingredients so the right people should be selected as a chef."Quality is price". so you should never compromise on quality because quality is everything
Use fresh ingredients
If customers are paying you, it is your duty not to let them down and do not make them regret. You should provide them fresh ingredient because fresh ingredient plays an important part in the taste of food. If a chef is cooking old or frozen chicken or fish, those protein are going to lose out on their flavor.Vegetables and fruits should be used within a short period of time when bought.
In restaurants, you have to purchase a lot of food supplies everyday so chefs store food to use it when needed which is very unhealthy because food can be enhanced in many ways which are not necessarily healthy. A chef may try to hide this thing by adding a lot of spices, salt and pepper limiting the chef's ability to naturally made tasty meal.
Not only this you should use fresh herbs and spices because they are going to add a lot of taste in your food and there is a lot difference between fresh and dried herbs.
Health is another important factor that plays an important part for making or breaking the image of your restaurant. When you are using old, frozen, poor or cheaper ingredients it will contain additive in them which is not good to consume which will spoil your restaurant's image and the restaurant will lose its image to compete in the market. So it is better to use quality ingredients which makes dish healthier overall.
Changing your menu two to three times in a month would be challenging but it will add more quality to a food because nowadays people want innovation.Changing your food recipe from time to time would not only make a good impression on customers, but also add competitive edge over other customers. You may feel it is costly and a real challenge but its long term benefits are more.
High heat or temperature
One thing which is mostly underestimated in our home meal is the hot stove and equipment. People are uncomfortable cooking at high temperatures It is generally said that hotter equipment spoil the food which is not considered true in the restaurants.
The great chef has said that "the honest truth(to why restaurants food often tastes better)is passion and love-plus, hotter equipment doesn't hurt. The hotter the equipment, the better, and it is the key to cooking and getting things done fast, like a quick sear or a fast sauté to lock in the flavors"
Because a steak won't steer on medium heat and vegetable will turn to mush if you don't cook them fast enough.It is not good for every dish but high heat cooks things faster and develops a nice crust and deep browning and puts the finishing touch on dishes prepared on the cooktop.
Measure ingredients properly
Do you often forgot to add the chili or garlic to add in the dish. Oh well that's unprofessional and it is the main thing which is taught to the professional chefs to prepare everything in advance to reduce the moment of panic from your head.It is one of the main thing which shouldn't be forgot for following the recipe by measuring and chopping before cooking so that all the necessary ingredients are present and you don't have to waste your time.
Salt, shallots and butter
Salt alone can change the taste of your food by making it spicy and adding its own flavor in food. It is said that "salt makes food taste more like itself". In the restaurant, the chef's should not be afraid of adding the salt but in a balanced way. Because most of the time customers also start to complain about heavy salt but you should maintain balance over salt and health safety.
Shallots which should be put in almost every dish because what they do is almost a wonder in every dish, dice them up and add them early in the cooking process, they will add a great depth of flavor.
Butter has a lot of flavor in itself than olive oil, as they say; "fat is flavor" and in the restaurant,the easiest way to add flavor is by adding butter as butter adds silky, creamy texture to sauces and makes everything richer.
Food presentation
Whether it is a class presentation or a food presentation, it is important that everything should be done perfectly and in a structured form.In restaurant, it is important for a chef to present the food in a good manner because the way your food looks, is the first factor in making you want to eat it. Because we eat with our eyes before our mouths and a good restaurant should spend a whole lot time figuring out how a finished dish should look like.

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Feb 2016 , Feb 12
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