How to keep restaurant inviting

The main aim of every restaurant is to serve people and to attract their customers ,but people decide, for which restaurant they want to be customer of. Every top business has something unique in them which makes them "Successful" at the first place making them competitive from its rival companies. Attracting ,maintaining and retaining customers in today's service sector seems to be a very challenging task but it's actually not that difficult . First of all you need to know who your potential customers are, by making marketing strategies .
Advertise your restaurant as much as possible through social networking sites, TV, radio, billboards , newsletters, phone, dropping lunch menus to houses or business location. Moreover get free media attention because nothing excites up new customers like a media attention, send a press release to local news outlets. You should do all these things to promote your restaurant because when people are looking somewhere to eat, your marketing needs to be strong enough that they have heard about your hotel and want to try it out.
If people are visiting your restaurant ,make them comfortable through your quality food and proving them a clean atmosphere and just in time service, offer live music. Because if your food is tasty and healthy at the same time you have already gained advantage over them by making your customers in a restaurant, the first thing people want is the food which is not only tasty but healthy and you are serving them quality material. Because they are spending their money in your hotel to serve them if you serve them well they will find your hotel as worth spending on.
Provide "free membership cards" in a limited time offer because people are going to visit your restaurant more if they had membership with your restaurant so that they can get free meals from your restaurant.
Advertise more and more online e.g. First of all collect email address of your customers then Mail them offers for discount, coupons or free trials. Make a website which should appear in search results when people are looking for something that they need or want. Post on social media networks like putting a picture of delicious food on Instagram that they should try. Advertise on website, pay-per-click ads, mobile apps that people often visit .
When you have gained your customers through membership or through other resources, retain them by making good impression on them by taking reviews or feedback from them about what they like or dislike about your hotel and pay good attention to their complaints. Take their numbers and update them about your new offers and often giving them discounts for being their loyal customers.
Because your loyal customers can be a good source of customer "referral" for their friends as they are going to give a positive feedback to others about how good and well your hotel treats its customers and why they should try only your hotel.
Providing free home delivery can also be an excellent source for attracting new customers .If someone is too lazy to go out of the house or sudden guests arrives at home then you can gain your new customers because they will definitely look for a home delivery source which can provide them quick service for delivering their food. Your restaurant can be the one whom they will call, just give them a good reason for trusting you with that.
This is 21st century world, a world of innovation ,to survive you must keep innovating your business specially in a service sector because people get bored easily with eating same food and taste as a result they will switch your hotel & if you want them to be loyal you must change or add something new to your quality food by changing it after three or four months.Introduce or expand your menu by introducing new international foods or introducing Asian foods that they must check or enjoy , expanding drinks and juices. Arranging themes for occasions like birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, charity functions or cultural ,religious ,sports season special themes so that they had a name of your hotel in their mind that what new is going to happen in this special restaurant this time and they should visit it.
A sophisticated, nice and clean decor and design of your hotel can play an important role for attracting customers especially business customers as they can arrange their company meetings in your restaurant which could be very great for not only creating the good image of the restaurant,but can help in generating a big revenue for the restaurant because a lot of chances can be created that a specific partnership can be formed between the two, so a specific sections and area for business meetings should be arranged.
One of the best way to attract customers would be to open your restaurant 24/7 .So that whoever ,whenever is starving knows that your restaurant is there to help and is not going to compromise on its customers appetite!
Train your employees properly regarding how to serve and behave with customers because customers are often disappointed most through bad manners or late serving meals.Not only this, employee empowerment also plays a big role in the success of any restaurant like appreciating or giving bonus to ,say, any hotel staff for his excellent work and making him employee of the week would not only help in motivating him but other staff members would also work hard and give their best to earn reward and it would ultimately help your restaurant to prosper.
Tell your customers about your chef and his qualification and achievements that you have hired such a good resource for your restaurant and they should try his/her meal .It can be also a good source of inviting customers.
Affordable prizes for everyone would be a great idea to invite customers like the rich, the poor ,student, the educated ,uneducated .Your restaurant should be open for everyone so that everyone can afford it and you can also get to know who your target customers are and where your business can bloom .It can also help you in searching your target market and it should attract every age, gender people.
Make alliance with complementary businesses as this relationship will help not only in gaining new friendship, but their customers will also become your customers.
These were just a few ways to keep your restaurant inviting and If you are looking for a company who do all of these things for their customers, then you should visit,It provides all services that are related to the restaurants, in one way or the other. Either directly or indirectly. It values its customers more than anything.

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Feb 2016 , Feb 12
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