Some tips for how to get customer satisfaction

If you want your restaurant, to be successful you must keep your customers happy at any cost because a large share of restaurants is earned through the referrals of satisfied customers. You must continually struggle to make your customers happy and satisfied through improving food, affordable prices, quality service, perfect ambiance, discount offers, loyalty reward programs and membership etc
You must continually struggle to improve the customer experience and it should be the duty of everyone, from top management to support staff that the customer should enjoy a highly favorable experience each and every time the customer visits. However you may never know what drives your customer to visit you again and again, but you should do everything possible to improve your customer experience.First thing you need to do is to do a little research by asking anyone from the food service sector about their customer experience with them and what makes customers happy ,you will get a couple of suggestion ,taking this in mind ,apart from good food there are some other things which makes customer satisfied ,here are some of them, you should apply to know about them.
Train your staff
You must properly train your staff by being a good leader in a way that they should consider you as their role model and must follow your footsteps by creating an image of being a courteous one because a good leader should be the courteous.As it is one of the most important part and rule of the food service sector ,the customer would be happy as long as you are courteous to them.
In fact the best thing should be that you must hire the staff with the quality of patience and courteousness because experience can be gained but the quality of being patient comes within yourself so it becomes easy for the front line employees that when they are communicating with the customers they must be good listeners and very much patient, courteous while greeting, warm, having genuine smiles on their faces, neatness and tidiness ,must be sensitive towards children, handicapped and with senior citizens, quality of promptness, active listener ,sincere farewells etc but not limited to these ,there are many much more qualities that are appreciated by customers. So remember to ensure that your ground staff are trained properly to serve your customers with a positive attitude and disposition.
Knowledge about customers
You must know your customer properly to make them satisfied and to create a long term relationship with them and in today's modern world thanks to technology, it has become very much cheap to know your customer's want and needs and how he feel about your restaurant and what he likes and dislikes ,there are large number of options depending which one you like but all you need is to know a proper channel through which you can know more about your customer preferences and their expectations from your business. You must have your own websites and pages on social media to know about them.
Online means
Social media is very crucial marketing and engaging component in most industries nowadays. It will be particularly relevant to the restaurants industry to promote their page and sales through the social media by engaging customers with them. It will help in improving customer experience, developing trust and loyalty towards the brand and driving the brand advocacy.
Conduct an online poll about your restaurants and don't forget to take a feedback online as well as face to face ,surveys through emails.If you are really interested in knowing your customers, you just need a start,ways will be created automatically. Offer customer loyalty programs by giving discounts, freebies to the most loyal customers and the customer who gives you the true feedback and by rewarding them for their loyalty.
Some basics to engage your restaurant's customer on social media are that you should think like a customer that what would have attracted you and then plan your strategy according to it.
Marketing on facebook, Instagram and twitter are some of the best ways to know about your customer’s preferences. You must have to be actively engaged with them and answer their questions properly on social media to make them realize that you know how they feel and how much empathetic you are.
First impression
You must make a good first impression on them to make a long lasting experience on them .It is a cliché that:"you never have a second chance to make a first impression" Because once you have made good loyal customers, they will be your good marketing tool because they will also promote your business with them ,You can get more guests through their referrals,they will post online reviews and comments and will be dedicated to your restaurant's forever.
To conclude, you must choose to make your customer happy because it is not any alternative.

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 8
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