What sort of work is needed for a successful menu development?

The hospitality industry is growing fast due to changing demographics and improving living standards.The customers go to restaurants and want delicious food and appetizing deals. They just want food to come on their tables without exerting any efforts.
In fact, the rise in popularity of to-go operations underscores some clear trends. They desire for scrumptious, healthy meals without plates to wash. When we talk about buying food the young singles, working parents and aged people want greater convenience.
When a person comes to restaurant, the most confusing thing is what to order or what to eat?
It is a very irritating process to read a menu and select the meal,with good combination of dishes while a customer is hungry and need food immediately. At that moment, the eyes flutter like pinball clinking different food items and deals and special offers. At that time, the perplexity is at its peak in customer’s mind and he just want to decide quickly. The customer feels disturbed and observing what is cheap, healthy and at the same time, tasty.
It is the restaurant staff’s duty, or the person who is designing the menu to make it simple and understandable. Your hotel’s menu has to tell customers about what you are offering, how much is its price, and most essentially - why they ought to buy it.
In a hotel menu, each group influence the other category If it is designed well, it let you to persuade a customer’s choice. The significance of this possible impact can’t be understated. Try to make sure to give special attention to every item, pricing, design etc.
To develop a successful menu,a lot of work has to be done. It requires a lot of research, proper designing, measuring cost of each item, defining prices of items, proper menu engineering and analyzing competitors menu etc.
To create a successful menu, following are some tips:
Do a lot of research on menu:
Before designing a menu, it is necessary to conduct a research on it and find out which item is more profitable and where it has to be placed on the menu.To decide about the placement of items on menu, it is necessary to find out the profitable items.
Cost Calculation:
After researching on every menu item, it is necessary to calculate the cost which is incurred in preparing those items. By calculating the cost, you will come to know how much money is needed to make an item and serve it on table. It includes cost of raw material like vegetables and spices etc, operating cost and labour cost i.e. chef etc.
After calculating the cost, the next step is to decide the prices. Give proper time to calculate the price and allocate it to each menu item. Prices should neither be too low nor be too high.
Analyze competitor’s menus:
If you watch different menus, you may collect more ideas and know different strategies to make your menu successful. Moreover, you should have to compare your menu prices with your competitors, so that you can better optimize it.
Designing Menu:
It is very important to design your menu in such a way that the menu items attract customers, so that they can try them. Besides names and price of dishes, you may write the key ingredients of each item, which make a tempting image of food in customer’s mind.
Organizing menu items:
The items should be organized on the menu because it will increase the sales of your restaurant. Do not mix up the items, make specified categories and then place the items in those categories e.g Salad, Drinks, Appetizers, Soups, and Desserts etc. You may place the high priced meal item on the top because when customers find a good deal, he stops searching more and order it. It is better if you highlight the specialities of your restaurant in your menu, it will create a spark and customer wants to try those items that differentiate you from your competitors.
Designing menu for kids:
You may design a separate menu which includes healthy items like fruity and colourful desserts or a healthy shake etc for kids. Sometimes parents don’t want to buy a large deal or dish for kids because they can’t eat too much, so it’s better to make a separate menu for kids.
Make sure it contains healthy as well as colourful items because parents always investigate about the food you offer for kids. You may decrease the quantity of food items offering for adults and place it in kids menu, like mini pizza or junior chicken burger etc.
Use scrumptious and delicious food images in menu:
When you show good quality food images in your menu, it attracts and makes customers tempt to taste the food. The colourful pictures of sushi, the freshly baked pasta image or the pictures of colourful fruity shakes might increase the size of order and encourage sales. The scrumptious and tempting high definition images of cooked meal in menu persuade customers to try those items.
Give Contact Numbers or web address on menu:
If you are offering free home delivery, you have to give the phone number on your menu.It will be convenient for customers to place orders on phone call. It will increase your sales. Moreover, if you are offering online ordering, you should write proper email or website address, so that the customer can easily place online orders.
Highlight offers and discounts:
If you properly highlight the special offers and discount on your menu cards, it will attract customers to order more. In addition, you may specify the lunch time deals with discounts or mid night deals etc. It will also encourage sales and generate revenue for your restaurant.
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April 2016 , April 13
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