Why providing Wi-Fi is profitable for the restaurant

In this 21st century world, where technology has taken place in every aspect of life and is improving day by day, creating a competition amongst everyone including the business where technology is not needed, like in the restaurants. Yes in the restaurants. It is not a secret anymore that there is some stiff competition in the restaurant world with quality food and quick services to decor and dining establishment, all done for customer attention and business profitability which every restaurant is providing this now, but the creative people know that if they want to gain more customers, then they must have to be innovative and introduce something new which could not only gain customers, but also help them to stand out in the market .so with the aim like this, a recent change that has been steadily gaining momentum in this industry is the availability of guest Wi-Fi in the restaurants.Here is the list below that enlist the benefits of providing Wi-Fi in the restaurants.
Wi-Fi as a smart tool
When customers are ordering food and are waiting for the meal then it will be a great time to provide them Wi-Fi services .The benefit will be that they wouldn't have to wait for the food and get bored in that time and in this meantime, you can prepare your quality food and they will be busy using their mobiles through free Wi-Fi. You must have to think strategically and use tactic that will result in maximum business value and happier customers, you can do this by providing high speed internet access with higher performance connections.
It drives customers
When there are too many big restaurant and competition in the market, you need to make your establishment stands out as much as possible, try providing Wi-Fi, customers usually prefer to go to the restaurant which provides free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspot shield because customers use the wireless network to make phone calls so as to avoid using cell phone minutes.Therefore you should provide them means to be able to do these things.
Wi-Fi as a marketing tool
Wi-Fi can also be used as an marketing package in many ways like when posting pictures of food on the facebook, Instagram and twitter ,advertise along with it that you are the only restaurant in your area that provides free Wi-Fi. Or you can advertise through hanging the signs of Wi-Fi in the doors or windows of your restaurant because mostly people choose their eating decision based on Wi-Fi services.
Security for customers
Make sure that your Wi-Fi is protected and encrypted for the security purpose and give it to the customers in your restaurants when they ask, to ensure that no one sitting outside your restaurant is using your Wi-Fi without being a customer, and don't charge your customers for your Wi-Fi.You can also provides different apps which only opens in your restaurant and can serve targeted adverts and promotions.
Collecting valuable customer data
The customers who connect to your free Wi-Fi will more likely spend more time in your restaurant to finish their work and will buy more dessert and food in this meantime. You can also take advantage through this by discounting them ten percent off for filling their customer surveys or questionnaire and will take advantage of getting feedback on your service too.The data can then be transformed into strategies that influence purchase interests and keep customers coming back.
Brand your restaurant
Wi-Fi also offers branding opportunities to many business and restaurants. The restaurants can set their name as the network's service set identifier (SSID),which is the public name of the wireless network, captive portal pages are implemented that requires guests to sign on and agree the terms and conditions of services. Through which restaurant will be able to promote their products through promotions, advertising and other special offers. Many restaurants have already implemented Wi-Fi in their business for gaining their profits.
Technical support
Good hotspot providers will provide experienced 24/7 technical support to the restaurants. When you are running a restaurant, you do not have time to constantly monitor your Wi-Fi hotspot. The hotspot managers will do this for you.
Wi-Fi is not only a smart, strategic addition to restaurant but it is expected to be there by customers. So restaurant owners, who already don't have this facility in their restaurant,should seriously think about it.

Bistro Services Researcher
Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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