What is the Best POS for Restaurant?

In this modern age of cloud technology, businesses need to revamp their systems to a model which supports a swift problem solution model and offers effective services. POS is the one-stop solution for sales transactions, sales data, manage inventory, store customer data, and make reports. It is a critical decision to choose a Point of sales software that fits your needs, making your business process easy and hassle-free.

When you overlook a Restaurant’s requirement for POS, we must take many aspects into consideration. It is important to evaluate it on certain standards and look if it is a suitable option. The main few characteristics include affordability, its cloud-based solutions, and integrated setup and use.

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Here is our top pick POS for the restaurants. After accessing 100’s of SOP’s Square actually topped our list for its commendable services and features. Its well-integrated system is a point solution to your payments, items, inventory, analytics, CRM, and eCommerce problems We will be taking each feature into the consideration to justify its ranking in our assessment. Square accepts all sorts of credit cards and touch-free payments, keeping your payments synced with your square account automatically. The same goes with the gift cards as the Square POS system redeems them seamlessly. To make the payment process smoother and less time-consuming as it saves your customer's payment details and charges them next time without going through the same process via a one-touch payment method. Square automatically sends invoices to the customers from POS. Also, for the transfer and refunds, a direct transaction is made through the POS system. Moving to the next feature, Protection of Payment, Square deals with your bank in case of any dispute. Each transaction is being monitored and if any suspicious one is noticed it is immediately tackled. All the transactions are encrypted and have 2 step verifications for the security layer so that you know what is going around in the payment section of your business.

Square gives you the liberty to customize your system with an item modifier and customizable item grid. It allows you to design your menu as it would be convenient for your customers. This POS enables you to connect to any hardware for payment, as they can see and pay from the screen. The transactions at Square are convenient and undisrupted as even in the temporary absence of the internet it makes the transactions possible. It saves the data for up to 72 hours and automatically updates the data after connecting to the internet. Digital Receipts are automatically generated and sent to the customers via text message or email. Interestingly, Square creates automatic discounts according to categories, items, daily special, and limited-time offers. The top-notch customer service includes a customer directory that helps to analyze the data and customer engagement. Notes adding, feedback, and customized receipts are among the other few features of Square making it a good fit POS for a restaurant.

One of the most important and required functions of Square is online ordering which keeps the sales and inventory synced and manages the eCommerce activities effectively. Also, the feasibility of online checkout links gives the customers option of purchasing by posting the link of social media account or blogs. The eGift cards are an option that lets your customers send the gift cards through emails and can be used for both in-store and online purchases.
Square enables your business to track all the sales, inventory, and locations in one place – Dashboard. Also, it allows you to generate reports to monitor the data and analyze it to make well-informed business decisions.

The POS is the best source to get the latest update on your inventory and resource management. The low-stock alert, inventory reports, and integration with inventory management software make it a more desirable POS of the time.
The add-on in the system brings you an opportunity to make your POS more competitive and choose tools to grow your business. The elective features include team management, Loyalty, Email Marketing, and payroll.
The option of integration enables the POS to connect with other third-party apps and APIs for your own payments and other functions. Square brings you highly trained support staff to cater to your needs and queries. It is created a community to support sellers. The sellers have been provided with the platforms to post your questions and get a professional response from the experts. Also, the article and events held by Square uplift the community of sellers.
Concluding it on the note that Square is a complete one-stop solution to your business. It helps you organize, build, and channel your whole transaction and customer support system in the ideal and optimized way. Visit Cafesqaud for more useful information and get professional help in setting up POS for your restaurant business.

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