Customer Emotional Loyalty and Engagement

he main problem with mobile loyalty programs and loyalty programs in general is that they're mainly kind of like forced price discounting programs are you really gonna pay the full price from the plastic card offers you a discount probably not but just by paying with the card and getting a discount doesn't really create loyalty doesn't create any loyalty between you and the company and in fact sometimes you have loyal customers for reasons other than the discounting
You have some emotional lower loyalty going on and you're subsidizing customers that are already loyal and this really erodes our profit margins and really doesn't make much sense sometimes
we also mistake transactions for loyalty and just because someone buys from you very frequently doesn't necessarily mean that they're loyal we're going to be covering that a little bit later and often loyalty programs make customers do a lot of the work in terms of accruing these points or collecting stamps and from getting from A to B can actually seem like this very long process a lot of hard work and may not actually be worth it so these are the kind of four problem areas that we're going to be covering and how you can deal with them in your business but it doesn't really have to be this way.
There are tremendous opportunities to bring things back to basics what while using some new technology to help us to really understand customers better the true expression of who they are and what they want to be able to recognize customers when they come in when they talk to us and to be able to talk back to these guys and ways that make sense in ways that are very personal and also in ways that are l to them and using these concepts the understanding the recognizing and the talking back to in a relevant way that I believe can really create customer love .

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