Financial Incentives to Customers

One of the biggest problems of loyalty programs they feel like hard work right. They don't want to work for ones points if there should even be points in the first place if you are gonna do a points program and what which is kind of what we call fix progression moving from point A to point B which by the way can kind of seem like this long journey This goal sometimes if things kind of seem too far away and the value of what they're getting or they can get it elsewhere it let for less effort sometimes it's just not worthwhile and people are like not really that interested next and then you've missed that opportunity so one thing that you can do if you're using picks progression loyalty programs is to give them a little help give them a push give them this head start and a way of doing this a really nice way of doing this is and you know to give them two stamps or to give them a set number of points just for

downloading the app or just for walking in the door rewarding presence over transactions or rewarding social social sharing so and try to hide the rules as well so you know if you want and you can you don't necessarily need to make everything clear to customers you can abstract them behind the scenes and actually kind of make it a bet we're gonna give you these random treats and rewards and we're not going to tell you when so a company that actually does the this really well with the surprise and the light factor are actually Panera bread's with the app ones Panera rewards so you download the app and when you swipe your card you can get a free coffee or a muffin but you don't really know when you get these things they seem kind of random of course they're not it's all about segmentation and big data and understanding what the right offer is for the right customer they also if they haven't seen you in a while they want to show that appreciation and show that love and get you coming on back into one of their stores they can gave you a free coffee as you pass by but they don't have to do it every time and therefore because the rules aren't shown you don't really feel like you're missing something or something is being taken away.

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