Restaurant Behavioral Loyalty

I want to discuss how you can actually take behavioural loyalty and functional loyalty and turn this into emotional loyalty within your business so let's jump into that next so like. Winning the hearts and minds of customers is it better to win hearts or is it better to win minds it is about getting a balance and it depends on what industry and what sector you're in and behavioral oil tea and functionality are very different to emotional loyalty with behavioral loyalty it's pretty much just customers buying from you several times or even buying time and time again very easy to do very easy to implement these tracking mechanisms
because you have the transaction data and you are accruing the points you're tracking them and you know that a certain customer buys something time and time again therefore they must be loyal well not at all it's not always the case because customers can be buying from your business routinely because of a lack of alternatives there's just no other place that they can get this product or nowhere else that's convenient or maybe it's really it's like way way too painful to switch away from that company and I'll give you an example of this every day near our office here in Dublin usually eat a salad for lunch there's like nothing else around this is like the only healthy place that can get food so you know on paper to them loyal to that company in a behavioral way one buy that product nearly every day but one really don't like the business they don't personalize it to me either she's kind of a little bit rude hope they're not watching and but they're not doing.
Think the foster emotional loyalty I'm purchasing with them and I'm loyal in the behavioral way due to lack of alternatives around the location of our office so the minute another business springs up that sell salads or better salads or they're ones that are kind of like more personalized. Rational loyalty and it's your customers making these berry and you know they're weighing up in their minds the value proposition of your company of the relationship between you and them the price the cost of your product and they're making these very calculated very considered decisions on whether to purchase that or not and that's again not a great place to be because the minute your value prop starts to soak a little or you know a competitor comes
It with a value or a better value proposition they're like straight away they're gone to the competitor so there is no emotional attachment and then next up we have emotional loyalty which is more of a psychological attachment this feeling of love affinity and of association with this brand or with this company that you don't quite know why but you just love them you love their products and services you love being part of the club and you love doing business with them so this is really where you want to be it's one of the most powerful aspects of loyalty is creating those emotional and connections.

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