Restaurant Business Plan

Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing this week I will go through the restaurant business plan outline if you run our plan to open a restaurant most certainly someone already asked you for a business plan either an investor banker your boss or anyone else who has interests in understanding your restaurant business strategy and goals so in this week's video we will focus on the restaurant business plan most important chapters and its contents the first chapter it must be your executive summary the restaurant executive summary must be at the beginning of your restaurant business plan document but it should be only written after finishing all the other chapters the executive summary should consist of a short brief of the entire business plan it will be the first part read and many times the only.Customers who will own the restaurant in which location you plan to open is it a lease are you going to buy the property next comes the investment how much you need where you will get the money when you plan to pay back you don't need to add much detail here like charts or tables as you will include all these at the last financial chapter now you need to define your target market who you will be targeting as customers why they will choose your restaurant what are the different groups included in your target market also called as segments why they will visit your restaurant what about latest trends in your market then comes one of ones favorites design do you already have the floor plan and architectural drawings this helps in making your plan more attractive in case you don't have it yet create a kind of mood board to give the reader an idea of the design and style you plan to implement at the restaurant please note that you shouldn't focus on the design you love but instead on a design that your target market will love.

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