Restaurant Rewards

Geater rewards and discounts at your bar restaurant number to add a signup form to your Facebook page provided opportunities for new customers to sign up for your loyalty program right there on the Facebook page it's a simple idea with a simple signup form you can easily capture new loyalty program members directly on the Facebook page number three give loyal customers the inside scoop in your business it's really important to make your loyal customers feel special invite them to exclusive events at your bar restaurant via your facebook page or simply spread the word about a new menu item regardless you should be making sure that they're the first to know about upcoming news and events number four is to keep the rules really simple you want to keep your loyalty program simple and make sure that the rules to participate are easy to understand in the world of social media it's important to keep your loyal customers happy and saying good things about your bar restaurant and indeed your loyalty program number five sweeten the perks offer additional rewards your loyal customers who are connected and telling their friends about your bar restaurant on their social networks for example create incentives where they are in a dollar at your bar restaurant for every friend they refer on Facebook who checks back into your bar restaurant so with these easy tips and strategies you'll be well on your way in no time to maximizing social media to build a winning customer loyalty program for daily videos tips and strategies for your business be sure to your customer service and experience expert.

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