Search Engine Optimization for Restaurants

60% of people do online searching for local restaurants and cafe and 75% of people only visits first page of Google. It is very important to improve your restaurant SEO strategy to be on top of their search. Cafesquad provides a strategy for SEO that rise your ranking on Google with following Search engine optimization techniques.

Why SEO is important

Customers Are Now Mobile

50% of customers search your restaurant on mobile. If your website are not available for mobile devices, then you missed a great opportunity. So cafesquad make mobile friendly website all SEO techniques that force search engines to show your website on top page.

Cost Valuable Marketing Strategy

Once you did a SEO for your restaurant in correct way it keep engaging your customer in future without any effort. so it is long term investment that keep your customer growing. not like other marketing strategy.

Improve Your Brand name

When clients have an amazing involvement both offline and online, it moves forward your brand picture and notoriety. In case fair five of your most faithful clients get each five of their companions to undertake out your menu, your restaurant’s foot line can increment altogether.

Restaurant SEO Strategy

We build a strategy for your restaurant on the basis of geographical location and targeted audience. Well from targeted audience and geographical location we clearly estimate your potential customers that type into google for searching your restaurant. Once we get your targeted customers we start research to find the "keywords" that are centered around your potential customers to increase your Google search.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Restaurant reviews and testimonials are another key bring customers to your website and add credibility to your restaurant. The positive reviews and ranking motivate other customers to visits your place and that is the signal for search engine that this page is updated regularly so google ranked that page high.

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Google Business Page and Facebook Page Ownership

We are surprised to know that sometimes restaurant owners have Google and Facebook business page and they even have no idea of who own their pages and who writes the either right or wrong content on it and even they do not claim for the page as a result there is no customer engagement and that becomes a big problem. So cafesquad helps to claim your business page or make and manage your business page with adding updated content on it.

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Restaurant SEO Best Practices

  • Cafesquad make multiple menus for your restaurantFollowing are the SEO practice cafesquad apply for best SEO results.
  • Cafesquad stay on top of your tables Analyze best keywords according to potential customer need.
  • Cafesquad manage them all on the fly Make content that is easily understandable for customer.
  • Cafesquad get up and running in no time.Write code in SEO friendly way such as adding description with image.
  • Cafesquad get data out of every dish They nitrous of every successful SEO campaign and created when an external website links to yours.
  • Cafesquad tracks sales, covers, and customers We keep track of your customer location, time etc. and keep record of this information.
  • Cafesquad make your payments and information secure We analyze results based on visitor tracking record.
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Restaurant SEO in Local Area

    Having a professional website in not only way rank high in google. we also provide other following way to improve your SEO

  • Cafesquad stay on top of your tables Create and Claim Your Business pages
  • Cafesquad manage them all on the fly Provide all information in your business pages with images.
  • Cafesquad get up and running in no time.Add customer reviews and rating for more customer engagement.
  • Cafesquad get data out of every dish Connect your all social media accounts with google business page.
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