Self-Ordering Kiosks

  •   Fast your service with Self-Order Menu

  •   Simple and easy order steps for customers.

  •   Automatic display of prices, combos and daily specials.

  •   Different payement methods.

  •   Track sales, covers, and customers.

What we can do for you !

Start your kiosk strategy

Start your kiosk strategy by integrating with the square platform.

Develop kiosk software

Develop and design customize self order kiosk software app of your own choice

Deployment of Kiosks

We help you in full deployment of kiosks at your place.

Payement methods

Accept chip cards, contactless payments, and magstripe cards with square.

Features Of Restaurant Self-Ordering System !

  • Digital menu

    Attract the customer by digital menu for ordering the menu easily.

  • Complete Automation

    Automate the menu requesting and getting to the kitchen to decrease the work cost, time and manual mistakes.

  • No waiting time

    By giving Kiosk framework, Customers don't hang tight for the server for taking requests and to know the know the status of the request.

  • Order Tracking

    Client can get some information about request status. They can see the request status in the dashboard itself.

  • Order Printing

    Order is printed and send to kitchen and customer automatically

  • Save Order

    Save and manage the order so that you have knowledge about previous ordering details and customers.

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