TV Menu Display

This smart digital menu feature works like a playlist that displays a menu, updates it from time to time, schedules automated change based on data or time. A special hour or holiday limited offer helps your customers to decide at the moment that lands you way more customers than a regular day or hour. You can display your menu with these deals and update prices daily.

This also brings you the opportunity to introduce a new item to see the customer response and add the item in the menu depending on the subsequent feedback.

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What we can do for you !

Design Digital Menu

Design optimal menu with high quality images and good content of your own choice.

Design Digital Menu

Update Content

Update content, menu, pricing, daily specials and deals regular on digital menu board.

Update Content

Built-In Scheduling Systems

Allow you to automatically display advertisement at specific time of the day.

Scheduling Systems

Deployment Of Menu

Deployment of digital menu at your place whenever you ask for it with complete set of guidelines and instructions.

Deployment Of Menu

Why TV Menu Display !

Increase customer sales

With menu boards you can increase your sale per client by cross-selling and up-selling. Engage your customer with amazing content, daily deals and tempting food images on menu borads.


Food consistently looks extra-tasty when displayed on a huge screen. Connected to our advanced menu board , restaurant can offer the client tasty pictures and recordings of their most prevalent or fascinating dishes.


The expense of setting up manually menu sheets is eliminated by display menu boards you can easily update content on regular basis without any problem once you get the menu boards.

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