5 Best Restaurant Marketing Strategies - the year 2022

Restaurants and their marketing are no more limited to their location and no. of items they have on their menu. The world has changed so has customer behavior, now they are more particular about their choices.

Restaurants face new challenges with each passing day and are in need of tools, plans, and strategies to turn them into opportunities.

We have sorted a list of the 10 best restaurant marketing strategies for 2022 that would help you navigate throughout the year.

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1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a vital tool when it comes to branding. And if your restaurant business is missing its presence on these social media platforms then it's missing on a whole chunk of food lovers that could be your potential customers. And if the restaurant already has a social media presence then it is important to keep it active with good content. The content should be capitative enough to make the visitor stay on the page for a while.
You can use these two tools to engage your audience:


The images of the mouthwatering dishes from your menu should act like a trigger that initiates the impulse to buy. The HD and creative food photography can make a huge difference in the number of customers you get to serve daily. And a social media enticing post coupled with a discount is one of the best marketing strategies to be employed.


Live from your restaurant kitchen or a short video of your customer enjoying their food is another modern technique to give your visitor some insight into your restaurant.
On average, an internet user is present on at least 7 different social media accounts. For a restaurant, here are the top 3 sites that can increase your brand reach.
Instagram – Important for pictures and videos Facebook – A tool to increase business TikTok – Short videos with powerful messages can bring instead growth.

2. Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty programs initiate certain strategies to bring your customers back and back again. This strategy costs you the least in marketing strategy, as it is always easy to retain the old customer than bringing in the newer ones. When your restaurant gives an amazing dining experience along with great food, enjoyable ambiance, and perception of value then it results in both good words of mouth and customer loyalty. Coupons, discounts, and redemption offers are among the other tools. This way you appreciate your customer for choosing your restaurant and feel valued. Also, there is a higher chance that they will refer your place to many others as well. Your POS system or CRM can help you in this regard. The POS can identify your regular customers by assigning them points and when they touch that limit, an automated discount deal or coupon would be sent to them immediately.

3. SMS and Email Marketing

It is most likely that your customer would need a regular reminder about your restaurant and its offers. In this scenario, nothing can beat a suitable SMS and Email Marketing strategy. The customers who willingly filled in their credentials for regular updates should be kept in the loop, every time a new promotional deal or item is added to the menu. These are kind of reminders that doesn’t let your customer forget about you. Moreover, the email marketing strategy is a great way to keep your customers informed via educational content that adds some value to their knowledge. This educational content can be a blog or a newsletter that you can send them in a while.

4. Mobile Application

A great mobile application is all you need if you want your customer to remain one click away from you. A well-integrated system of your business makes the marketing strategy easy to be implemented. For Example, if you launch a sub-menu in the menu card and want your customer to get informed about this change then a mobile application is the best source. You can notify your customer with a mobile application, so they can access the new menu on the go. And if some give orders from the new menu via mobile application then the POS would immediately keep it in the data. In this way, you can measure the success or failure of your new additions, effortlessly.

5. Food/Restaurant Blog

Food Blogs are no less than a savior when it comes to digital marketing for restaurants. Your prospect is always in need of fresh and interesting news about the food. In order to cater to this market, blogs have proven to be a great source. Once your ideal customer lands on the blog page, they should find that space full of educational content and facts that can help them choose you for their next dining plan. You have to inform, educate, and drive them towards your restaurant with your content and that’s where the techniques like links to the new menu, mobile application option, and much more can be put forward. It is the kind of newspaper that your customer chooses to read and put their potatoes in your basket for a while. Now it's up to you how do you utilize this opportunity.

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