Commission Free Online Ordering

Cafesquad understands the importance of profit and growth for small to medium cafes and it has brought the solution to your desk that doesn’t cost your arm and leg. Maximize your profit and reach out to your goals without spending any extra buck.
What we offer:

  • Online-Ordering AppsA Commission-free online ordering system
  • Online-Ordering AppsNo hidden charges
  • Online-Ordering AppsEmail, Fax, SMS, and Call Notification facility on each order

In today’s age, where every facility is one click away, the Point of sales is designed with a feature that provides a low-cost yet effective online ordering system – an integral part of every POS. This feature makes the whole ordering process a smooth and fast experience. The customer can use any medium, mobile app, restaurant’s website, or even Facebook to place their order.
On the other hand, depending on the restaurant's structure, the retail can receive orders via email, fax, message, or call. Also, they can have orders show up on tablets as well.
Cafesquad enables the management where the owner can reject, approve, and set the time estimate for the order to get delivered.
Each function is designed to provide your customer a convenient ordering experience and increase your revenue by retaining and growing your customer base.


You can determine the types of orders you allow, such as Dine-In, Pickup, In House Delivery, or Pre-Order for a future time or date. You can also limit the number of days that preorders are allowed.