Commission Free Online Ordering

CafeSquad’s restaurant online ordering system is different from other online restaurant ordering systems because our goal is to maximize the restaurant owner’s profits

  • Online-Ordering AppsGet commission-free online ordering system for your Restaurant
  • Online-Ordering AppsMake Your Online Orders Profitable!
  • Online-Ordering AppsEmail, Fax, SMS, Tablet and Phone call Notification of Order

Online ordering is our main feature and it provides a very low cost and effective online ordering experience. The customer can go to either the mobile app, the website, even the Facebook and place the order. Depending on the restaurant owner’s need they can get an email, fax, text message, phone call and they can have order show up on tablets as well. CafeSquad completes all the management where the owner can reject, approve, and set the time estimate for the order.


You can determine the types of orders you allow, such as Dine-In, Pickup, In House Delivery, or Pre-Order for a future time or date. You can also limit the number of days that preorders are allowed.