Free Meal for a Year

Another restaurant marketing idea is running a contest in giving away a free meal per day for an entire year why do this well it's an amazing offer it grabs attention and who doesn't want to sign up for a free meal per day for an entire year now are you going to lose money running this type of promotion not one penny and here's exactly how I run this set up a one page lead capture website to collect people's information in order sign them up drive traffic they're using Facebook ads and getting your staff to sign people up in-house
It make this really profitable for you make everybody a winner by giving them some kind of discount when they sign up and then give them seven days to use it to create some quick sales and get them in your door but what I do for the winner who wins the free meal for a year is one tie restrictions to it where it's dining only they must either purchase two beverages with a with the meal or they need to buy a full price menu item and one make this very clear at the beginning so there's no confusion but by adding these restrictions you at least break even with each meal now.