Hiring the right people in restaurants is the biggest challenge for the owner, so we make sure that we get restaurant owners the right people. When they are in need of staff they first post the available position on their website and it then becomes available via social media as well.
Using this method CafeSquad can get the immediate questions about the position answered and we can get questions about candidates answered.
If the owner has the candidate’s profile in their system they can review it, call them, interview them, or hire them as needed. CafeSquad main focus is to get restaurant owners staff members on demand so when they need staff members but don't have a lot of time to conduct interviews it will be easy to hire people. Alongside that, they may not need a person working full time; they may need a part-time staff member so we can provide them with that flexibility where they have people at their fingertips, lined up, ready to work for the owner.
The restaurant’s owner can hire people when they need them which ends up helping them save money that they may be wasting by having somebody just stand there and earn money when they don’t have any customers.

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