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Instant Increase in Customers

A 3-step process today that won't cost you any money no money in marketing no money in advertising no money and added labor really not much more extra time either and what that's going to do is that's going to allow any new revenue to go right to the bottom line because there's no added expenses and that's why this formula is so simple to not only execute but to understand so if you don't have a piece of paper out in a pen please grab one we're getting right into it here we go step one to doubling your restaurant or pretty much any food and beverage establishments profits are 10 percent more customers that means if you're doing on average 100 customers a day we need to bump that up to 110 pretty simple stuff here however I want to share with you ones one best tip for getting more customers in your restaurant without spending any money and that's called online review engagement and I'm talking about doing it correctly a lot of us are engaging currently online with our customers but we're not doing it correctly in a native way that we want to be heard and listened to depending on what platform you're you're working on your the way we talk to customers is very different on Twitter to Facebook to Yelp to vine to Instagram to any of the social media platforms out there and so if you are not certain that you are engaging with your customers 100% accurately in the way that they want to be engaged with online send me an email just tell me the name of your business the city that you're located in I want to do a quick little search on your social media and then we'll get on the phone for a half hour so and I want to share with you some of the things you're doing right and maybe some areas for improvement because this is so important this is game-changing this is life-changing stuff when you figure out how to properly engage with your customers online especially with reviews so enough with ten percent more customers that's pretty simple stuff here ten percent more often meaning we want your regular customers to come into your restaurant ten percent more often so if your average customer visit is ten times a month or if you're a higher-end restaurant maybe more fine dining that might be 10 times a year we've got to bump that up one to eleven times a month or eleven times a year and the best way to do this is quite simply learn more about your customers learn their name learn what they like learn what their their regular order is and as well as your cashiers or your servers and your hosts because the sweetest word that we love to hear ourselves is our own name and when a customer walks into your restaurant if your host can greet them as mr. and mrs. so-and-so and let them know that maybe they'll put them at their regular table or apologize some of their regular table isn't available um but you're putting them at a different table and then ask can I get your regular drink or your regular appetizer going for you Wow folks that's a game-changer right there that will increase your customer visits by way more than 10 percent again it's not going to cost you any money at all now the third step to this very simple equation for doubling your profits in your restaurant is getting your average customer to spend 10 percent more money so currently if your check average is 10 dollars we just need to bump that up to 11 well that's super easy if you've got an appetizer on your menu that sells for six dollars let's say or for five dollars you don't need everyone to order that depending on what your check average is you might only need one out of four or one out of five people to order that one extra appetizer which will boost your check average by that 10 percent and the easiest way to do this is either through upselling like one just talked about with an appetizer or through proper menu Engineering arm Wow menu engineering is huge again shoot me an email send me your menu let me take a look at it let's get on the phone and talk about it but one have huge success with ones customers on what I'm able to do by just making one or two minor changes on their menu did you know that your menu should not have a dollar sign anywhere on it that's just one of the tips that sends out a message to your customers about money when they see that dollar sign want to leave you today with just simple that's it but one do need you to focus on something one want you to focus on your customers needs wants desires fears and beliefs because at the end of the day we're in business to serve our customers not to serve ourselves we want to know what do our customers want what are they afraid of what do they believe and what do they desire what do they want and what do they need that's where the magic is in this business if you give your customers what they want that juice that you're looking for out of life in your restaurant wherever you're watching this subscribe to me on youtube follow me on Facebook follow me on Twitter there will be a place for you.

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