Mobile Friendly Website

As the time passing the number of devices that are coming online or not desktops people have tablets and all kind of mobile devices so it becomes a necessary and mandatory to have your website mobile-friendly if your website is not mobile friendly it will be pretty much useless and you essentially can lose more than half of the traffic and with the passage of time the traffic that's coming from devices other than desktops is growing so the website has to be mobile-friendly . The key to bandages are sites that are mobile-friendly are quick to load the text is very to the point and lesser than not to worry the layout is very straightforward and simple there are no pop-ups not a lot of text boxes simplified menus user can get to the contact information right away hours address are listed very clearly

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Google SEO Friendly

There is actually a lot of advantages to it as well one of the key to bandages that Google will rank you higher if you're red website is mobile friendly and responsive as decider to show what to the consumer would like to show something to the consumer that is useful to that customer so restaurant owner cannot ignore the fact that the company that is going to do their website must definitely make sure that the website is mobile-friendly a lot of advantages to having a mobile-friendly website

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Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience is determined by the fact that how easily a user navigate through your website and get to the content that they need to get to 4 example they want to get to the contact page or they want to contact you or they want the phone number address or they're looking for a certain menu item or appetizer or a lunch and they will and they would love to bookmark it and visit again

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Increased average time on site

If website is Mobile friendly people will stick around because they will be able to navigate they will be able to go through different sections and they can see and they can read the content they can see the pictures properly that will increase the time that they spent on your website and you want them to be on your website rather than your competitors website restaurant owner cannot afford losing customers just because people cannot understand what's on their website or they have a cookie cutter website that doesn't really display fine on the mobile phones on devices and tablets.

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Social Media Advantage

Mobile friendly websites are big on social media because people they're using most of the social media apps and they like to share and they like it and they follow it so it gets a lot of traction on social media so mobile-friendly website if it's if it's design correctly will bring a lot of customer to a restaurant because of the fact that it's being followed it's being like and it's being shared aggressively.

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