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CafeSquad Point Of Sale

Today’s restaurants are looking for a better POS solution. That’s why we are introducing our POS system integrated with square. That helps customers in their order, payment process etc and restaurant owner through reporting and stock keeping etc. Now the speed and ease of use that Square is known for is available to all types of larger restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Order Management
Order Management

Online Ordering

Order Management

Deeper View

Order Management

Increase Sale

Order Management


Introducing with square

CafeSquad is partnered with Square to provide Integrated Smart Artificial Intelligence enabled POS, Self Ordering Kiosk, Digital TV Menu Displays & marketing services.

  • Self-Ordering KiosksQuick and Simple Setup
  • Menu TV Display24/7 Technical Support
  • Online OrderingFast deposits on your schedule
  • Fully Customized WebSiteSecure payments, secure information
  • Fully Customized WebSiteBuild menus anytime, from anywhere
  • Fully Customized WebSiteMenu, labor, and revenue reports

Order Management : Spend Less Time

  • feature-list1Get orders from customer by kiosk, Manually or by online service.
  • feature-list2Automatic generating a report of every order.
  • feature-list3Send order report to kitchen for order processing.
  • feature-list4Get the order report for each order separately.
Order Management

CafeSquad helps you to Stay on top of your tables

Get a deeper view into your business

Real-time analytics and sales reporting tell you which items are selling, when your busiest times are, and more. Use filters and search to easily track things like sales, discounts, and refunds.

Spend less time in the back office

Reduce paperwork, administrative tasks, and billing mistakes with Square Dashboard.

  • online DashboardSee how business is doing anytime with the online Dashboard.
  • Create, send, and track invoices without any training.Create, send, and track invoices without any training.
  • Manage customersManage customer profiles, employees, and locations from one central place.
  • Set employeeSet employee permissions, manage inventory, and set up your Square online store.

Develop and design menu

Make multiple menus.Manage them all on the fly

From breakfast to dinner and on seasonal specials events create all the menus you need and easily change it.
Be our guest—customize menus anytime, from anywhere..

Customize Just About Everything

menu on the restaurant

Lay it all out exactly how you like

Set how menus appear on your restaurant POS so servers can work fast. Make changes and switch between Mode to match your restaurant’s ambience.

modifiers make sense

Make modifiers make sense

Modify orders how people talk. Group modifiers with items and have them automatically appear as servers progress through an order, so never miss a thing.

Assign roles and set staff permissions

Assign roles and set staff permissions

Keep your restaurant POS system safe by assigning roles to your team, like server or manager. Set their level of access to your data and control what they can do.

Accept all the latest, fastest, and most secure ways to pay

Take payments at 2.6% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe. No need for a separate payments processor—the Square POS system for restaurants lets you accept payments right away.

Fast deposits on your schedule

Get funds as fast as the next business day or instantly for an additional 1% fee. Set your close of day so a full day of sales is always included in one deposit.

Secure payments, secure information

Your account includes Square Secure, a suite of security tools. No extra work—you get 24/7 fraud prevention, disputes management, PCI compliance, and more.

Free catering contract templates

Build Your Contract with Square helps you set expectations with your customers, avoid payment disputes, and provide a professional experience.

Get online report of your restaurant sales and purchase

Easy and expedited reports for every little thing

Get reports tailored to table-service restaurants

Revenue centers, item and modifier sales, customer frequency, employee sales—if it hits the bottom line, we’ve got a report for it.

Get up and running in no time. (If you need help, we’re here)

You have everything you need to set up and customize Square for Restaurants point of sale on your own. But if you want a hand, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 support.

Easily set up your account with squ and your point of sale.

Quick and Simple Setup

Ready? Go. With Square for Restaurants, you have all you need to set up your account and your point of sale. There’s no waiting.

Square Implementation Services

Square Implementation Services

Partner with an onboarding expert for one-on-one help with menus, floor plans, team training, onsite technical support, and more. Starting at $600.

Full Technical support for all services from development to deployment.

24/7 Technical Support

If you have questions, reach out via phone or online. 24/7 Technical Support is included with your Square for Restaurants subscription.

More ways to help you grow

There’s a world of powerful services and software waiting for you—and your Square account unlocks them all.


Let your team at the restaurant clock in and out from your point of sale, then pay them with Square Payroll. Starting at $34 per month.


Run a digital loyalty program to keep customers coming back. Customize everything from the way you award points to the rewards on offer. Starting at $45 per month.


Get more business from your regulars and convert new customers to loyal guests by promoting your restaurant through email and social media campaigns. Starting at $15 per month.


For eligible Square sellers, Square Capital offers access to small business loans to manage and grow your restaurant. Buy equipment, purchase inventory, and more.

We’re bringing a lot to the table. Let’s review.

  • ✓ Create floor plans and track covers.
  • ✓ Add and customize items and modifiers
  • ✓ Build menus anytime, from anywhere
  • ✓ Loyal Club Offers
  • ✓ Set employee permissions and passcodes to protect your restaurant point of sale
  • ✓ Generate cover, menu, labor, and revenue center reports
  • ✓ Run the Square for Restaurants POS software on an iPad
  • ✓ Choose from a range of all-in-one hardware stations
  • ✓ Minimize damage to your iPad from bumps and splashes
  • ✓ Securely position your iPad at the server station
  • ✓ Add more printers or cash drawers to suit your needs

  • ✓ Payment processing included with your account
  • ✓ Accept chip cards, contactless payments, and magstripe cards
  • ✓ Pay 2.6% +10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe
  • ✓ Get funds as fast as the next business day or instantly for an additional 1% fee
  • ✓ Access Square Secure, a suite of fraud management and security tools

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Payment processing fees apply during your 30-day free trial.

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