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Square Point Of Sale

Restaurant owners like Cafesquad who run a retail business need a range of better administrative, management and marketing solutions. Applying an efficient point of sale (POS) system makes sure that all your operations run smoothly.
The system is customer-friendly providing an experience that is easy to process for order and payments. Each time a customer concludes a purchase, basically they are completing a point of a sale transaction.
The latest worldwide applied point of sale software goes beyond credit processing to assist retailers and restaurants include mobile POS features to process contactless payment options, E-commerce incorporation.
Finding a suitable and efficient POS system for business has the potential to avoid any related human errors that may arise during manual entry and reporting. Several studies suggest that there are many benefits of a POS system such as an increase of business sales by more than 200%. But some owners are hesitant to implement the digitalized POS system for the reason that they are reluctant to incorporate new and efficient technology, which they are not confident about.

Order Management
Order Management

Online Ordering

Order Management

Deeper View

Order Management

Increase Sale

Order Management


Introducing with square

Cafesquad is all about offering high-end customer-friendly services by partnering with the Square POS system. This partnership has enabled Square to provide a system of artificial intelligence-enabled POS, independent ordering Kiosk, Digitalized Menu Displays and also marketing services.
Because every business nature is different, so Square takes care by offering a variety of POS options to assist you take your business to new heights. It does not matter whether you sell goods, book various appointments or just in need of a diverse POS system, the Square will cater to all such scenarios in the most efficient way possible.
Square POS system enables several services such as follows:

  • Self-Ordering KiosksOnline Payment Processing
  • Self-Ordering KiosksInventory Tracking System
  • Self-Ordering KiosksInsights or analytics reports
  • Self-Ordering KiosksQuick and Simple Setup
  • Menu TV Display24/7 Technical Support
  • Online OrderingMarketing Campaigns
  • Fully Customized WebSiteSecure Payments
  • Fully Customized WebSiteDigital Receipts
  • Fully Customized WebSiteE-Commerce
  • Fully Customized WebSiteSales Reports

Order Management : Spend Less Time

  • feature-list1Get orders from customer by kiosk, Manually or by online service.
  • feature-list2Automatic generating a report of every order.
  • feature-list3Send order report to kitchen for order processing.
  • feature-list4Get the order report for each order separately.
Order Management

CafeSquad helps you to Stay on top of your tables

Get a deeper view into your business

Real-time analytics and sales reporting tell you which items are selling, when your busiest times are, and more. Use filters and search to easily track things like sales, discounts, and refunds.

Spend less time in the back office

Reduce paperwork, administrative tasks, and billing mistakes with Square Dashboard.

  • online DashboardSee how business is doing anytime with the online Dashboard.
  • Create, send, and track invoices without any training.Create, send, and track invoices without any training.
  • Manage customersManage customer profiles, employees, and locations from one central place.
  • Set employeeSet employee permissions, manage inventory, and set up your Square online store.

Develop and design menu

Make multiple menus.Manage them all on the fly

Our point of sale (POS) system is unquestioned and the most latest worldwide. POS system information is a kind of information that is collected from your business's daily or hourly receipts. This information is crucial to efficiently managing business sales.
We offer a restaurant POS machine along with the software installation and this machine could be as simple as a digital cash register to complex systems attached to multiple POS terminals, multiple handheld devices including mobile phone and tablets. These all devices are managed and supported by our exclusive software.
Detailed receipts are generated through POS systems giving the owners a chance to decide the menu, menu performance, revise menus, predict labour requirements, predict inventory needs and at the same time analyze staff performance along with the sales.
Our POS system enables you to any type of menu from breakfast to dinner to any special continental dish. Our services will permit you to edit all the menu from anywhere at any time around the world. According to Cafesquad study, top retail POS systems have the capability to generated detailed sales analysis reports with detailed information that could easily be used in efficient menu planning and revisions.

Customize Just About Everything

menu on the restaurant

Lay it all out exactly how you like

Our world-class service will allow you to set accordingly how menus appear on your restaurant POS systems so that servers could function quickly. We will also help you to modify, switch and change to any Mode to the ambience of the restaurant.

modifiers make sense

Make modifiers make sense

We offer the best POS system for a restaurant that ensures the modification of orders matching with how customers order. You can customize anything you like such as group modifiers with the items and make them automatically appear as servers process an order that will never miss anything.

Assign roles and set staff permissions

Assign roles & set staff permissions

Point of sale systems is quite efficient for restaurants globally. POS systems for restaurants enable the owners and managers to keep your systems safe by efficiently assigning roles to your team, like server or manager. You may also be able to set the level clearance to staff to access several types of Data

Accept all the latest, fastest, and most secure ways to pay

Take payments at 2.6% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe. No need for a separate payments processor—the Square POS system for restaurants lets you accept payments right away.

Fast deposits on your schedule

You can have funds as soon as the next working day or just instantly for some additional one per cent fee. You may also edit and set the close of the day of sales so that all the daily sales are part of the deposits.

Safe payments & Safe Information

Your account includes Square Secure, which is a suite of security tools. No extra work is required consuming your precious energies. The benefits include prevention of fraud around the clock, disputes management, PCI compliance and much more convenience at hand.

Free catering contract templates

You could build your contract with Square assists you set expectations with your customers, avoid payment issues regarding payment disputes and offer a professional experience.

Get online report of your restaurant sales and purchase

Easy and expedited reports for every little thing

Get reports tailored to table-service restaurants

Revenue centers, item and modifier sales, customer frequency, employee sales—if it hits the bottom line, we’ve got a report for it.

Get up and running in no time. (We are here to assist you in any Need)

Square point of sale offers anything you need to adjust and set up the POS system for restaurants all by yourself. In case, if you need any assistance we are here to help you 24/7.

Easily set up your account with squ and your point of sale.

Quick and Simple Setup

Square POS for restaurants offers you all you need to set up your account without any delays or wait.

Square Implementation Services

Square Implementation Services

Be a partner with an onboard expert for one-on-one assistance with menus, floor plans, team training, on-site technical support and much more that you need at any time around the clock with the initial cost of $600.

Full Technical support for all services from development to deployment.

24/7 Technical Support

If you have any confusion to settle or any concerning question then reach us at our helpline. We offer 24/7 technical support that is included with your Square for subscription to your restaurant.

More ways to help you grow

There is a whole world of digital opportunities waiting for you out there and you could avail these all with your Square account.


Let your team at the restaurant clock in and out from your point of sale, then pay them with Square payroll starting monthly at $34.


Run a digital loyalty program to keep customers coming back. You can customize everything from the way you award points to the rewards on offer starting monthly at $45.


Get more business from your regulars and convert new customers to permanent customers by promoting the promotion of your restaurant through marketing via email and social media campaigns starting monthly at $15.


For the eligible Square sellers, Square Capital offers access to small business loans to manage your restaurant efficiently. We can also help you to procure the required equipment, purchase inventory and much more.

We Offer more than you Expectations

  • ✓ Create Floor Plans & Track Covers
  • ✓ Add, customize items and also modifiers
  • ✓ Create, edit and modify menus from anywhere at any time
  • ✓ Set employees permissions and also passcodes to protect your restaurant point of sale
  • ✓ Generate covers, menus, labour, and revenue centre reports
  • ✓ Run the Square for Restaurants POS software on an iPad
  • ✓ Choose from a range of all-in-one hardware stations
  • ✓ Minimize damage to your handheld devices from any kind of damages
  • ✓ Securely position your device at the server station
  • ✓ Add more printers or cash drawers to suit your needs

  • ✓ Payment processing included with your account
  • ✓ Accept chip cards, contactless payments and magstripe cards
  • ✓ Only pay 2.6% + 10 cents per tap, dip or swipe
  • ✓ Get funds as fast as the next business day or instantly for an additional 1% fee
  • ✓ Access Square Secure, a suite of fraud management and security tools

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