How POS Makes a Restaurant Successful?

Successful restaurant business has it all sorted, starting from its management to top-notch customer service to an accurate inventory system that never lets the kitchen go out of stock.

As per the research – The sum of food, beverages, and labor cost represents up to 50-70% of total restaurant expenses. Many factors including food waste, overstaffing, and misinformed business decisions cause a huge decrease in profits.

An efficient POS system can be a perfect solution that can potentially save your restaurant from unnecessary spending and wrong decisions.

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Modern POS systems are more than traditional POS that just punch in order, do the transaction, and wave goodbye. Point of sales systems in today’s era are equipped with the way many features and functions that can bring you business insight in real-time.
POS is a weapon that can ensure that your restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently in a coherent manner. A successful restaurant maintains a POS system that integrates all its departments and automates the manual tasks while removing the labor cost. Also, it turns your saved time into an opportunity to add more products and services to the business.

POS System in a Restaurant

An efficient POS or Point of sale system is tailored to the needs of the restaurant and brings solutions to the table with a suitable mix of software and hardware. Both work together to make the workflow run in an even way. Three main focus areas for a modern POS
> Customer’s convenience, experience, and retention
> Employees monitoring, duty allocation, and payroll management
> Inventory stocking, supply, and delivery

In three ways a modern POS system can bring success to your restaurant
> Increase in Sales
> Improves customer experience
> Inform your business decisions
Here is a list of POS functions that can make your restaurant successful

1. Rapid Operations

Nobody loves to stand in a long queue, especially when you’re hungry or getting late after finishing up your meal, right?
The modern POS system serves more customers in less time, as it removes most of the front-of-the-house workflow steps. So, the more customers you serve, the more profit you make.
An important hardware feature of modern “mobility” can help in this regard as one of the cashiers can take the orders in advance and the kitchen can already start working on it while the customer is paying his bill.
Another option of tableside order is a perfect example of removing all unnecessary time wasted in writing the order and communicating it ahead. Also, it eliminates errors and speeds up the service.

2. Menu Optimization

A restaurant should know what’s their best selling and which one isn’t getting good sales and design their menu accordingly.
To maintain the restaurant’s reputation, it is essential to understand your customer's preferences and be able to deliver efficiently, even on busy nights and seasons. This modern POS system can help you make more precise and action-oriented decisions for your business-like refining or cutting the dishes that don’t do well. This will also allow the restaurant to reduce spoilage and waste of ingredients in the kitchen.
Another opportunity that an efficient POS of the restaurant brings to you is a breakdown of cost percentages and contributions by every day and by every menu item. That’s how you know how much a menu item is costing you and can be optimized accordingly.
For instance, if you find that the cost of pasta ingredients has increased in the market then you know it's time to raise its price tag as well. And if you do increase the price in the menu, it will automatically be updated in your system immediately from anywhere at any time.

Marketing Insights

Retaining customers is as important as gaining new ones and interestingly it requires way less effort, cost, and time.
An automated system like POS software can make it quite easy for you to keep your old customers by regularly updating them with new offers and discounted deals.
Mobile apps integrated with the POS are used for the same purpose. As per the research, of the adults who use smartphones or tablets, 80% have said they would dine in a restaurant during off-peak times if they got a discount.

It is a perfect medium to target tech-savvy customers and send them all the updates and discounts, time to time. And if the promotions are customized then it can potentially make you people’s most favorite restaurant in the town.

Cost Cutting

An efficient POS system can not optimize your operations but bring a replacement to manual functions and labor required to perform certain tasks. Previously for data collection and reporting, businesses required and employees, resources, and time but a modern POS can perform all these functions on the go.
Employee management is a department that needs proper supervision along with responsibility assignment and performance monitoring. POS systems are equipped to manage all of that for your restaurant from assigning tasks to employee performance to creating payrolls within the software.

The feature of accepting all kinds of credit and debit cards can also simplify the payment process, saving time for both, the customer, and the restaurant.
These all are the major functions and departments that can be handled in a proficient manner with the help of an efficient POS system, making your restaurant a success. In this era of technology and digitalization, it is quite important to look for opportunities like a modern point of sales to bring your business to the top of the list.

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