Search Engine Optimization for Restaurants

CafeSquad focuses on making sure your website shows up when people are searching for the food that you serve in your locality in your local area the page titles the descriptions and the landing of the customer to these pages is the key. We make sure that it's as efficient on a mobile as it is on a desktop or a tablet. We use Semantic HTML and organize the data in a very structured format. We make sure there are no broken links and the website loads instantaneously. We deliver high-performing content to the users.

A restaurant search engine optimization is a totally different segment and very specialized. We need to have specific search engine optimization we have to keep in mind that it's localized search improvement for example if it's a Mexican restaurant or if it's a Middle Eastern restaurant needs to have those keywords identified. We need to develop restaurant brand name, basically create its domination in the local search again. It does have a bigger element of social media engaging with the customer and if it requires a complete strategy so where we want to encourage customer to engage with us on digital level. We give them a unique and localized content so that people can actually get a taste of your food while on the internet or mobile app keeping in mind that would work trying to do is to give the best experience.

What Google wants you to do is give them as much information as possible and they want to see engagement. They want to see people interacting with your local Places page so what I'm talking about is is when you type in Google let's say you Mexican restaurant in New York so you type in Mexican restaurant and live in New York so it's gonna automatically populate about ten different restaurants and it hasn't algorithm to decide which one gets place one which won't get to place ten so obviously if you get place one you get a lot more traffic to your site.

Restaurant owner take local SEO upon yourself you decide to go out and start building citations which are the mention of your name address and phone number and as you're building these citations you flip-flop on the category that you should put yourself in so what will happen is say you're an American restaurant and you have a very broad menu and you also offer seafood and you may offer some Italian dishes is instead of sticking with one primary category you flip-flop on those your primary maybe seafood on one citation it may be American restaurant on another and maybe italian restaurant on another and what happens over time is google is not going to understand what it is specifically that your restaurant offers and then they're not going to be able to serve up your results because the user may be looking for a restaurant but google said well maybe you're a seafood restaurant we're really not sure so let's just not serve it at all. Eventually get all this straightened out well your rankings start to come back up in Google people start clicking and calling your business your reservations go up foot traffic comes in the door revenue goes up all good things

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Restaurant SEO Strategy

The very first step is for restaurant to define the search in Contents strategy what promote what we're trying to Market are we trying to Market our food in a special category or what are we we doing in terms of 4 specials and tons of 4 events and happy hours what are or food categories are we selling specializing in the in a Mexican food or pizza and then we have to make sure that we Define our brand and key names are kidneys are we trying to promote or pretty girl named do we have one location or multiple locations which are the geographical area.

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Restaurant SEO in Local Area

A restaurant search engine optimization is very specialist Pacific it's very localized a restaurant customers are in within a certain radius who have extraordinaria customers but the strategies to promote the restaurant in a localized Circle and radius and then put the name out there put the name on Google TripAdvisor for square signature surge Yellow Pages.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Restaurant reviews and testimonials are the key 2 set up your restaurant Brian and bring customers to your website and adventure the more reviews good reviews and good testimonials you have from your customer will bring a higher influx of visitors and the same time having a good ranking also helps so you so whatever needs to be done is basically still engaging with the customers and then getting them to like the food of love the restaurant and eventually they end up preferring their friends and giving good reviews and testimony that's very critical.

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Google Business Page and Facebook Page Ownership

It is very I'm surprised some time on the number people that don't really have any clue who owns their business page or who's their Facebook page Often times we have seen is that business owners don't claim their business page on Google or Facebook or sometime don't even know who owns them somebody else and they're claiming and then So as a result there is no customer engagement and that becomes a big problem because what what the customer is looking for is is Google I'm trying to get to get to the key information to decide about where they're going to have their meal and if the matter is old and outdated

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Restaurant SEO Best Practices

A restaurant search engine optimization scratches you needs to implement start on the best practices one of them is to use the restaurant schema markup so that is basically where the data in the search result is structured so a lot of external application and vendor is now require structure date of for better searching and for better linking into your website for example if you want to have your many show up on Google by default and you can read that menu you need to file schema otherwise your man you won't even rendered so a website development company needs to keep these best practices in mind having a good contents strategy mobile-friendly website on Page search engine optimization all of these are very helpful in getting the localized search engine optimization done for a restaurant.

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