Search Engine Optimization for Restaurants

CafeSquad focuses on making sure your website shows up when people are searching for the food that you serve in your locality in your local area the page titles the descriptions and the landing of the customer to these pages is the key. We make sure that it's as efficient on a mobile as it is on a desktop or a tablet. We use Semantic HTML and organize the data in a very structured format. We make sure there are no broken links and the website loads instantaneously. We deliver high-performing content to the users. A restaurant search engine optimization is a totally different segment and very specialized. We need to have specific search engine optimization we have to keep in mind that it's localized search improvement for example if it's a Mexican restaurant or if it's a Middle Eastern restaurant needs to have those keywords identified.

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Restaurant SEO in Local Area

A restaurant search engine optimization is very specialist Pacific it's very localized a restaurant customers are in within a certain radius who have extraordinaria customers but the strategies to promote the restaurant in a localized Circle and radius and then put the name out there put the name on Google TripAdvisor for square signature surge Yellow Pages.

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Restaurant SEO Strategy

The very first step is for restaurant to define the search in Contents strategy what promote what we're trying to Market are we trying to Market our food in a special category or what are we we doing in terms of 4 specials and tons of 4 events and happy hours what are or food categories are we selling specializing in the in a Mexican food or pizza and then we have to make sure that we Define our brand and key names are kidneys are we trying to promote or pretty girl named do we have one location or multiple locations which are the geographical area.

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Reviews and Testimonials

The very first step is to create a strategy to meet your goals and set your goals what is that a restaurant owner is looking for is the gold to get more online orders is the gold to move get more catering orders is to go to get more reservations is the gorgeous to establish your brand and drive more traffic to your website in your restaurant are you trying to go above a competitor in which radius you're trying to establish yourself or you have single location of multiplication is basically interviewing and trying to establish Target that we need to attend church and then what is your budget how much investment are you looking into and how much of the return.

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Google Business Page and Facebook Page Ownership

It is very I'm surprised some time on the number people that don't really have any clue who owns their business page or who's their Facebook page Often times we have seen is that business owners don't claim their business page on Google or Facebook or sometime don't even know who owns them somebody else and they're claiming and then So as a result there is no customer engagement and that becomes a big problem because what what the customer is looking for is is Google I'm trying to get to get to the key information to decide about where they're going to have their meal and if the matter is old and outdated

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Restaurant SEO Best Practices

A restaurant search engine optimization scratches you needs to implement start on the best practices one of them is to use the restaurant schema markup so that is basically where the data in the search result is structured so a lot of external application and vendor is now require structure date of for better searching and for better linking into your website for example if you want to have your many show up on Google by default and you can read that menu you need to file schema otherwise your man you won't even rendered so a website development company needs to keep these best practices in mind having a good contents strategy mobile-friendly website on Page search engine optimization all of these are very helpful in getting the localized search engine optimization done for a restaurant.

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