Email and Text Marketing

CafeSquad offers a unique restaurant email marketing solutions based on customers database created by local marketing campaigns, loyal customer club and BiteCart. Our restaurant email marketing services have proven instant change in number of reservations and orders. CafeSquad offer a user friendly email marketing services for restaurants. CafeSquad has ability to do automatic email marketing and text marketing of your promotions, coupons, specials and happy hours. Restaurant owners can automatically generate content and send it to the targeted audience in their loyal customer database.

SMS Text Marketing

We are friends very comprehensive SMS text messaging marketing solution give us their email there text message number 3 phone number the name and sign up and allows us to database to which we have ability to send text messages these messages So text messages are very popular primarily because instantly and it's guaranteed that they going to read it they have the option to opt out and their instant

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective tool we basically Harvest this list we law the customers to sign up give we get their email and then we spend in the database were eventually sending out daily specials and promotions and coupons so the customers Insert accuses the customer automatically gets you nowhere specials or coupons based on their is their wedding anniversary go to their birthday so that the emails are also sent out instantaneously specialist.

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