The 5 Best Free POS For Small Businesses

Small businesses always struggle to pave their way to be recognized in the market for their best practices. Unlike many big corporations and businesses, they don’t always have the funds to support every initiative to make this true.

But out of many effective tools, there is one tool that you can get your hands on at no cost; your Point of sale.

POS systems are that one technology that integrates your business and makes your business functions easy to manage. With both, hardware and software equipment, it helps you make decisions and analyze them based on the available data. Small businesses require limited transaction and product management, so a free POS can satisfy their needs easily.

We have a list of top 5 POS that are free to use

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Square POS stands at the top with we talk about the most inexpensive yet feature-rich POS software options. With its free-to-use features and no monthly cost, the square offers analytics and sales reports, inventory and customer management features, invoicing facilities, and digital payment options, all along with robust data security.
Sounds ideal, right?
You can avail of this offer now via the Cafesquad website. Also, a free card reader is received when you sign up for Square that can be plugged into the smart devices to accept mobile payments. However, square charges a minimal amount of 2.6% plus 0.10$ fee only when a swiped transaction is made, 3.5 % plus $0.15 fee for all keyed-in transactions, and 2.9% plus $0.10 fee for all online transactions. If it seems a little costly to you, remember, it is worth a single penny. The outstanding services offered by square make it the best option out there.


For beginners and a single owner, Imonggo is another great option, as it offers free POS software for one user in one location.
Imonggo enables you to have
> A proper inventory management plan up to 1,000 products
> Employee and customer management features
> Sales analytics
> Digital receipts
> Mobile connectivity > offline Selling option Yet here are a few things Imongoo doesn’t offer and that includes integration capabilities, offline access, and the option to accept credit card payments. Moreover, the limitation of just 1000 transactions per month makes it not a full-time option. But if you sign up for the premium version which costs just $30 per month, you can avail a lot more features. The risk-free 30 days trial offer is a cherry on the top that can help you in deciding if it’s a suitable fit for your business or not.


Another inexpensive and up-to-the-minute POS software is Loyverse, which stands for “Loyalty Universe” which is a perfect free mobile POS system. Loyverse’s mobility features enable you to manage multiple stores from one location, deal with digital transactions, issue marketing campaigns, work offline and accept credit cards payments using Vantiv, a credit card processor.

It is well equipped with all other managerial features including inventory, employee, and customer management, along with the function of initiating customer loyalty programs based on customer buying behavior.

The major drawback to Loyverse is that, apart from Vantiv, it doesn’t integrate with other software. Also, the advanced features of the software would cost you some extra bucks. Loyverse offers 14 days of free trial to your business.


Initially created as a hobby project turned into one of the most widely used open-source POS software, with 100 million downloads around the globe.

Unicentra offers a list of services, including:
> Inventory Management
> Employee Management
> Barcode Scanning
> Sales Analyses Reports

Among many features, it also offers the option of customized interfaces for restaurants, retails, and cafes along with the ability to operate in multiple languages and accepts numerous currencies.

Since it’s open source, the addition of new features is a continuous practice. If it offers value to your business and you need some upgradation, UniCenta offers paid plans as well.


It is a great POS software when it comes to integration and mobility, as eHopper offers a variety of hardware POS hardware. It is a perfect option if you are looking for a better switch.

Here are its commendable features:
> Offline Work
> Digital Receipts
> Automated Discounts
> Inventory management
> Integration with Accounting Software

Talking about its drawbacks then it only operates on a single register, and you have to pay monthly for merchant services, eCommerce integration, and other managerial functions.

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