Social Media Marketing

CafeSquad is very creative and innovative in restaurant social media marketing. we start with review of your current social network and create a strategy to expand it. our social media service will increase customer engagement, be you on the top of customers mind and grow your restaurant. We help your restaurant with all aspects of their social media marketing strategy with paid social media advertisement, influencers marketing, social strategy and content production.

Single point of posting

We integrate all the social media sites whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make sure that from a single posting all the social media sites they get updated simultaneously.

React to Online Reviews

If somebody regularly follow us or give positive reviews, we appreciate them. and we take negative reviews as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Make Consistent Voice for you

We make a consistent banner, logos and tag line that represent your cause in a unified and consistent way. That helps the customer to analyse your brand.

Consistent Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

  • Self-Ordering KiosksWe regularly add and update your photos and content.
  • Menu TV DisplayWe are very responding to your reviews and comments.
  • Online OrderingWe share customer generated content
  • Fully Customized WebSiteAdd coupons, daily specials and gift to social media regularly.
  • Online OrderingWe make video to bring the brand of life.
  • Online OrderingWe ask question to your customer to engage them.

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Special Offers for Social Media Followers

It is also very important to give special gift cards, coupons and offers to your social media followers because they are the people who are working day and night to promote your business with their active response on your posts. Your restaurant employees are also the part of this campaign. You’ll be surprised some of the employees at a restaurant they have hundreds of followers so through their social media they tell their friends where they're working and what specials are going on at their place. So they also deservers your offers and gifts.

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Social Media Survey for Restaurants

We conduct social media survey to get your customers choice so you’re easily improved your services and food on basis of customers likes and choices. This also helps us to get more customers engagement. Customer can re-share your survey links. This means that you can share your survey beyond your own scope of contacts

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Social Media Contests

We conduct different types of social media contest for customer engagement such as “share to win”, “best photo caption contest”. This help in advertising your business through customer our social media.

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Social Media Advertising

We make a proper strategy for your advertisement and in have an idea where to implement that strategy on the basis of your target customers. However, paid social isn’t constant on each network. Running Facebook Ads is totally different than Twitter; therefore we make your strategy distinctive for every platform.

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Youtube for Restaurants

We provide you another way to engage your customers is through content videos we make and launch your videos on YouTube and manage your YouTube channel regularly. That’s Highlights your interview with your gust, your recipes and your menu. YouTube is second big medium for searching after Google so that means when somebody can't find something on Google the next thing they do is they go on YouTube and if you are there showing exactly what information that the customers looking for on your YouTube channel You will get that customer.

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Social Media Alerts

It's very important to have social media alerts as soon as something gets posted on your timeline. You will to be the first one to know what is posted on your social media regarding to your business, restaurant, menu and your presentation brand. We also help you set up these alerts and keep an eye on those alerts.

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Social Media Influencer Engagement

Email marketing is very effective tool we basically allow customers to sign up. So we get their email and then we save their emails in the database and eventually send them daily specials, promotions and coupons to the customers. We maintain your customer’s birthdays, anniversaries dates and their other special events dates in our database and send them wishes with some deals and specials on their big day for their getting their attention. Through email marketing we also keep your customer up to date about your latest news, events and specials. We also keep track of how many emails are read and how many of them are just wasted through tools.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective tool we basically Harvest this list we law the customers to sign up give we get their email and then we spend in the database were eventually sending out daily specials and promotions and coupons so the customers Insert accuses the customer automatically gets you nowhere specials or coupons based on their is their wedding anniversary go to their birthday so that the emails are also sent out instantaneously specialist. If you look at any Big Brand any means stream food chain They're all doing ecstasy email marketing and they allow people to sign up and sign all the collected and then they keep them up-to-date and that's some eventually Bar tools allowed to also track how many males are red how many action will be taken against those emails.

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SMS Text Marketing

We have a database that contains your customer’s names with their phone numbers. It is incredible that you could tell your loyal customer about your specials deal and event and get their fast response through sms service. With Slick Text, we can add couple of snap.

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Food Eating Campaign

One key strategy to bring you hundreds of new customers based around one simple tactic so why run a food eating competition well because people love to be entertained it's different and nobody else is probably doing this in your area right now .Run a pizza eating competition a one pound burger eating competition and a taco eating competition once a year every single year and ones customers love it one tried hotdogs in the past but didn't work out nobody wanted to eat hot dogs so just keep that in mind but if you are going to try this out ask your customers what they'd want first so you get the best response.

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Free Meal for a Year

Another restaurant marketing idea is running a contest in giving away a free meal per day for an entire year why do this well it's an amazing offer it grabs attention and who doesn't want to sign up for a free meal per day for an entire year now are you going to lose money running this type of promotion not one penny and here's exactly how I run this set up a one page lead capture website to collect people's information in order sign them up drive traffic they're using Facebook ads and getting your staff to sign people up in-house and it make this really profitable for you make everybody a winner by giving them some kind of discount when they sign up and then give them seven days to use it to create some quick sales and get them in your door

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Special Events at Restaurant

Another idea is to get a celebrity chef to come in why well everybody wants to meet a celebrity and this helps you build instant credibility and the way to start looking for someone who isn't really you know that expensive look for the chef's that are on bar rescue or one of the other food TV shows and contact them to see if they'd you know what they charge to come in and maybe get some of the beer liquor food vendors to help sponsor it but here's the big bonus one really wanted to fill you in on when you run outrageous restaurant marketing ideas like this you don't have to come out of pocket to promote them you can use the press all you have to do is send out a press release

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