Planning for Restaurant Workforce

CafeSquad staffing app help in instant hire as per need, CafeSquad also train restaurant staff. This is a one step process that can help restaurants hire a delivery staff, waiters and waitresses, chefs and managers.CafeSquad has apps for restaurants to make the owner of the restaurants life easier. The Staffing and Workforce app is designed to help restaurants hire. While the restaurants Staffing and Workforce app is most popular among the restaurant owners and their staff.

  • Restaurant WorkforceRate and review rating of the hired staff in CafeSquad app
  • Restaurant Workforce Cut down on over staffing and increase profits
  • Restaurant Workforce Instant restaurant staff hiring as per need
OnDemand Workers

Restaurant workers are always in demand and staffing will always be needed in the food service business.

1. Find Workers for all of your positions

CafeSquad is leader in restaurant staffing, hire and train restaurant staff. It’s a one stop to hire restaurant delivery drive, hire restaurant server.

2. Skilled Workers Platform

We’ve created a platform that allows operators to book pre-vetted restaurant professionals who have the skills to fill their shifts

3. Save Money

Whether you need staff now or in the near future, we've got you covered, at very economical and reasonable rates!

Planning for Restaurant Workforce

Hiring a staff is one of the biggest challenges in the restaurant industry and owners often end up closing their restaurant if they cannot find the right staff. The staff ranges anywhere from manager to waiter to server to chef and to cooks so there is planning required to complete the needed workforce. It is required to hire up to 40 employees in some restaurants. what person is needed at what time what are the peak times how many people are needed at what time and. If you have 20 customers lined up and you're not getting 20 staff members that same time there that is a big loss for the restaurant owner so there is a complete science behind it to making sure that you have a real-time analytics and real-time report voting making sure that you understand

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Hiring the right people in restaurants is the biggest challenge for the owner, so we make sure that we get restaurant owners the right people. When they are in need of staff they first post the available position on their website and it then becomes available via social media as well. Using this method CafeSquad can get the immediate questions about the position answered and we can get questions about candidates answered. If the owner has the candidate’s profile in their system they can review it, call them, interview them, or hire them as needed. CafeSquad's main focus is to get restaurant owners staff members on demand so when they need staff members but don't have a lot of time to conduct interviews it will be easy to hire people.

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Training and Retention

Retention is another key element that we can help restaurant owners with and we can make sure we engage with their employees while providing tools to make the staff’s and your life easier. We can also help them connect with the right folks that can train their staff and can give them a successful career path to hard working employees and a success essentially for the restaurant. By creating a loyalty element alongside the training, the staff becomes the backbone of the restaurant. We have to also make sure that the employees are connected with the customers and do not dissatisfy their needs. We want to make sure we don't leave anybody in a disgruntled situation where they can end up posting and spreading negative comments which damages the business reputation but using the training tools with the staff CafeSquad makes sure this situation is avoided.

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