Loyal Customer

One of the the key feature that we built into your digital presence is the ability for the loyal customer to sign up we get their email you get their name you get their cell phone.

  • Integrated App and Online Customer Engagement
  • Automatic Alerts, Email and Notifications
  • Customizable Rewards system

Owner can see what when their birthday is when their anniversary is and surprise them with a special coupon or give special when you posted it especially these loyal customers they get notified when your email and text . essentially we increase your engagement with the customer you know Restaurants get a tablet on which they can check in every time they come in and basically they have the power to getting and and give comments and reviews and help improve the overall restaurant experience. What makes customers loyal it's the billion dollar question that companies the world over have been asking themselves loyalty subscriptions have absolutely exploded with over 25 subscriptions on average per household and over 3 billion in total across the United States the big problem is that half of these are completely inactive

Shift In Restaurant Marketing Approach

Economy marketing is going to go back to the old butcher shop style the mom-and-pop stores that knew our names they knew our children's names and names of our dogs and they understood our context and as humans we like that personalization so they use that context that understanding of who you are and what you like to do business with you and the two pieces in a very effective way a way that made you emotionally loyal to them.

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Customer Emotional Loyalty and Engagement

The main problem with mobile loyalty programs and loyalty programs in general is that they're mainly kind of like forced price discounting programs are you really gonna pay the full price from the plastic card offers you a discount probably not but just by paying with the card and getting a discount doesn't really create loyalty doesn't create any loyalty between you and the company and in fact sometimes you have loyal customers for reasons other than the discounting and maybe you have some emotional lower loyalty going on and you're subsidizing customers that are already loyal

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Restaurant Behavioral Loyalty

I want to discuss how you can actually take behavioural loyalty and functional loyalty and turn this into emotional loyalty within your business so let's jump into that next so like. Winning the hearts and minds of customers is it better to win hearts or is it better to win minds it is about getting a balance and it depends on what industry and what sector you're in and behavioral oil tea and functionality are very different to emotional loyalty with behavioral loyalty it's pretty much just customers buying from you several times or even buying time and time again very easy to do very easy to implement these tracking mechanisms

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Financial Incentives to Customers

One of the biggest problems of loyalty programs they feel like hard work right. They don't want to work for ones points if there should even be points in the first place if you are gonna do a points program and what which is kind of what we call fix progression moving from point A to point B which by the way can kind of seem like this long journey This goal sometimes if things kind of seem too far away and the value of what they're getting or they can get it elsewhere it let for less effort sometimes

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Social Media Engagement

We're an all digital media company publishing a weekly email and online newsletter daily news special reports and multimedia presentations if you haven't done so already please subscribe to our weekly newsletter we welcome input and feedback through traditional means phone and email and also social media LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook our website is www.seannal.com line following the presentation to respond to customer questions.

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Restaurant Rewards

Geater rewards and discounts at your bar restaurant number to add a signup form to your Facebook page provided opportunities for new customers to sign up for your loyalty program right there on the Facebook page it's a simple idea with a simple signup form you can easily capture new loyalty program members directly on the Facebook page number three give loyal customers the inside scoop in your business it's really important to make your loyal customers feel special invite them to exclusive events at your bar restaurant via your facebook page or simply spread the word about a new menu item regardless you should be making sure that they're the first to know about upcoming news and events

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